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Over Half of World’s Pollution Deaths in China, India

Over half of the deaths across the world caused by air pollution were in India and China where 2.2 million people died in 2015, a study said on Tuesday.

Air pollution contributed to 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide in 2015, making air pollution the fifth highest cause of death among all health risks, including smoking, diet, and high blood pressure, the report published by the Health Effects Institute has said.

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“The analysis found that China and India together were responsible for over half of the total global attributable deaths,” the first annual State of Global Air Report by the institute said.

“The study also finds that increasing exposure and a growing and aging population have meant that India now rivals China for among the highest air pollution health burdens in the world, with both countries facing some 1.1 million early deaths from air pollution in 2015,”

India’s New Delhi and China’s Beijing are the world’s most polluted cities. Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in the country. Unchecked rapid industrialization in China propelled it to become the world’s second largest economy but polluted the air.

China alone burns 47 per cent of the world’s coal. In winter, the coal-fired plants are the biggest contributor to the choking smog in northern part of the country. Beijing and around two dozen cities were under heavy blanket of smog at the end December 2016.

New Delhi is no less, with dust and diesel-driven cars adding to the pollution woe. Crop burning in neighbouring state is also source of pollution.

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“We are seeing increasing air contamination problems worldwide, and this new report details why that air pollution is a major contributor to early death,” said Dan Greenbaum, President of the Health Effects Institute (HEI1), in a statement.

The report also finds that 92 per cent of the world’s population lives in areas with unhealthy air.”The trends we report show that we have seen progress in some parts of the world - but serious challenges remain,” he added.

The State of Global Air 2017 is the first of a new series of annual reports and accompanying interactive website, designed and implemented by the HEI in cooperation with the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington and the University of British Columbia, a statement said.

Although there are many parts of the world where air pollution has grown worse, there has also been improvement in the US and Europe, the study said. The US Clean Air Act and actions by the European Commission have made substantial progress in reducing people exposed to PM pollution since 1990.


WiFi is the most important thing than Sex, Alcohol and Chocolate: Reports

The wireless network supplier iPass has revealed some interesting things about Wi-Fi after conducting a survey. WiFi has been branded as an essential daily need in human’s life with 4 out of 10 persons giving more importance than other human habits and necessities like Alcohol, sex, chocolates, games, etc.

According to the Survey, people want WiFi more than sex and alcohol. The study has carried out by iPass which surveyed 1,700 working professionals across Europe and the United States about their connectivity habits. However, the iPass revealed shocking news about the study and how people addicted to smartphones and electronic gadgets in their daily life. It took a report from more than 1,700 people about their lifestyles and favorites.

According to the report, Interestingly, Wi-Fi was considered as the most significant need in daily life by 40.2% of accused. The study also involved asking respondents to rank the importance of Wi-Fi against other daily needs on a scale of 1-4, with one is most important while four is least important.

What the study found according to the Survey?

40.2 percent of participants chose WiFi as their first preference in daily essentials and labeling it as a higher priority than sex (37 percent), Chocolate (14 percent) and alcohol (9 percent). Nearly 75 percent of respondents said that Wi-Fi plays a vital role in their daily life and also improved the quality of life. 63 percent of participants preferred Wi-Fi hot spots rather than using mobile data.

Pat Hume, Chief merchandising officer, iPass said, “Wi-Fi service is not only the method of internet connectivity, but it has also exceeded many other human needs and necessities.”

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“We always stay in connection with WiFi in our personal and professional lives. Especially smartphone users are always connected at all times whether at home, traveling, at hotels, bus and railway stations and in flights also. Many organizations have been providing services for lower costs with faster speeds.” He added.

A few years back, WiFi is the unknown thing and now, it became daily essential in human’s life. The reason behind WiFi’s growing factor is the power it has had on our daily lives. Seemingly, unlike sex, sweets, chocolates and alcohol, the spread of internet connectivity seems to have had a mostly positive effect, with three-quarters of respondents saying WiFi had improved their quality of life.As per study, people also make travel decisions according to the WiFi connections.

Do You Know Where 62% of US Adults gets the most of the NEWS from?

According to the recent survey conducted by the PEW research centre, the users who reach the news websites are navigated from the top social networking website – Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. The survey was done for the 4654 people and most of them are visited the news sites from their favourite social networking site.

Apart from this study, News use across Social Media Platforms 2016, 62% of the US adults get the news from the social media. The no of users who use Facebook in US and Canada are increasing monthly. Proportionally Facebook is holding monthly 222 million active users and 1.6 billion throughout the world. In this scenario we can understand, social media sites are the primary source for the news.

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Earlier in the year 2013 PEW research centre has conducted the study and this is the second time. From the initial survey, they had noted the growth in the social platforms as the sources to the news sites.  Notice the changes happened on the different social sites with the earlier years and present year (2013-2016).

The difference was observed mainly on Facebook and the ratio changed from 47% to 66%. Followed by Twitter 52% to 59%. Reddit holds the top position with 70% in the year 2016 although the user base is less than the Facebook.

Pew surveyed the total of 4654 American adults, with the coordination with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The study is done by the mail and online in the month of January and February. After the successful completion of the study, the margin of error for the entire group is estimated at 2.4 percentage points.

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Workplace Satisfaction is Found Higher in Indians; Survey

According to the findings of employees’ survey on workplace satisfaction by Michael page Asia, Indians are said to be more satisfied with their workplace environment when compared to their Asia-Pacific counterparts.

“About 62 percent of respondents in India said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their workplace environment compared to just 54 percent of their counterparts in Asia Pacific,” said Michael Page employee survey on workplace satisfaction.

The survey was conducted by 4000 employees working across different job levels and industries. According to the survey about 54% of the Indian responders rated their current economy good to excellent against 33% of their Asia-Pacific counterparts.

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Michael Page India Managing Director Nicolas Dumoulin said that “There is a general sentiment of optimism in India right now. The current economic outlook is positive and professionals are encouraged by the commitment to India from both global and local firms.

According to him, the make in India initiative created more opportunities in export business, which led to investments in the manufacturing sector.

The survey also measured the quarterly job confidence forecast in Indian employees, which declined from Q1 to Q2 in Mumbai and Bengaluru employees. The survey also stated that the Indian employees would be more optimistic about the job training in coming 12 months.

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Working overseas was found to be an attractive option for the Indian employees. According to the survey, 68% of the responders preferred working overseas when compared to 64% previously.

Michael page is the world’s leading recruitment consultancy which recruits employees for permanent, contract and temporary positions. The company conducts surveys on financial services, HR, Sales and Marketing, etc.

25 Worst Passwords You Should Avoid and 4 Tips to Stay Safe Online

Hello Everyone, I am back again to provide you Tips to secure your Digital Life. I always have been interested in guiding in relevant fields where I am expertise.

Today, I am going to give you the four steps to secure your passwords and your digital life.

Earlier this week, on World Password Day, has been on May 5, 2016. The aphorism on this World Password Day is to promote threats on regular using passwords. So internet users mostly use 25 worst passwords in 2016 as per the survey was done by Password. Org

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There are four steps to secure your digital life are as follows

Create Strong Password

The key should always be lengthy. Your secure code should contain a minimum of eight characters so that it might be somehow difficult to guess. Do not use personal information and always use all uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers.

Use a different Password for each account

How would be if one key opens your door, car, bike, bank, etc. does it make sensible? Imagine if one has held on your one key, they could access all your other account and spoil your Internet Digital Life.

So always use a different password for each account you have.

Get a Password Manager

A bookstore records all the information written on it until or unless if you keep it safe. In the same manner, a good password manager will always secure your all passwords you use. Because it is easy to use different passwords but it gets the tough situation to remember all those.

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Multi – Factor Authentication

A Password is not at all enough to get MFA. The most important secure access to your Internet is using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). MFA is a computer security reduces the risk involved in Hacking in Internet Security, Cyber Warfare, Information Security, Mobile, and Network Security.

Last year about 450 million passwords leaked from the majority of Internet companies. So using MFA is like adding an extra layer to your password significantly reduces the risk of someone hacking your account.

You can visit twofactorauth.org for a comprehensive list of websites and services that offer MFA.

The 25 most used “Worst Passwords” are given below:

123456, Password, *12345678, QWERTY, 12345, 123456789, Football, 1234, 1234567, Baseball, Welcome, 1234567890, Abc123, 111111, 1qaz2wsx, Dragon, Master, Monkey, Letmein, Login, Princess, Qwertyuiop, Solo, Passw0rd, and Starwars



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