Yahoo Mail mobile app on Android Operating system has introduced new features. This includes the induction of 7 Indian languages into the app that are fully compatible even with the latest Android Nougat OS version.

The mobile app for Android OS from now, will support 7 Indian regional languages. The list of Indian languages that are included are Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi.

This update is surely good news for the Indian users. Regional language setting on their smartphones will be very much helpful for the users to communicate in their regional language.

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It is all now set to support the seven new Indian regional languages mentioned even in the new OS version Nougat in mobiles. The update will automatically experience the new Yahoo Mail features in their prescribed local language.

In addition to the Indian regional language updates, Yahoo Mail mobile app also added some other new features that are completely compatible with the new Android Nougat OS version.

These new features make the multitasking easy and also support the Multi-Window View. The multi-window view will enable the user to use Yahoo Mail side-by-side with other apps.
E-Mails can be done concerning the article that is just read and much more features like this will enhance the user in easy usage.

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Switch between apps will also be minimized with this new feature of multi-window. Apart from this, another feature of Quick Actions is initiated from now.

Users can operate from their home screen itself. Those include a direct reply to a message or notification. Such in the past need to open the app and performed. But now no need and directly without opening the app only from Home screen itself they can be done.

A quick view and dismissals of the notifications can be customized with swipe settings. It also can be added to the archive, delete, star, and many more actions that can be performed on each notification.

The new features are now available on Play Store. Yahoo Mail mobile app 5.10 is the latest version. This can be upgraded on Android Nougat.


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