hike vide call feature on Android

Hike Messenger has rolled out the hike messenger video calling feature as an update for its Android OS users. However, the company launched its beta version way back in September itself. The beta version was distributed only among a selected users as all do.

After successful implementation, now the company has decided to release the same version formally to all its Android OS smartphone users.

Hike messenger video calling android apps will be made available to the users soon. However, the company has not yet officially announced the date of launch. Hence it is still the expectation and pending for the release.

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Hike competitors such as Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram has already on the way to launch the live video calling app.

The Hike team stated that the video call app would enable the user to experience simple, reliable and high quality.

hike video call feature hike video call feature

It features a single tap button that is intended for chat threads with friends. The developers expressed their confidence that the app works even under challenging network conditions which include 2G with good quality.

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Another feature of Hike Messenger is the ‘Live Caller Preview.’ This feature will give the user a chance to preview before they answer a live video call. This feature adds an extra benefit for video calling.

Founder and CEO of Hike Messenger, Mr. Kavin Bharti Mittal has said that the company is excited to this feature into the market so quickly.

The company is a with a slogan “India’s sight and sound market.” In to-day’s conditions, the messenger’s app with video calling has a significant impact on people who communicate.

The Hike video calling app update is immediately available to all the Android mobile users. Soon the iOS users can enjoy the app. Hike Messenger is India’s homegrown the messaging platform.


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