It’s been a long time since Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced the release of video calling feature for its users. The feature made its debut in Windows version last week and now is finally live on WhatsApp Android app. WhatsApp video call for Android users is only limited to latest beta version 2.16.318 of the app.

A buzz is that the full version of this much anticipated WhatsApp video call feature may first go live on Apple iOS. Where the voice calling feature appeared first on Android platform. To make a video call, users need to download the Whatsapp video call beta version. It shows the error ‘couldn’t place call’ if the user on the other end hasn’t downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp video call.

As it is just a beta version, many more features are expected in the upcoming beta versions or the final update. There is a separate button for video calling at present, and you have to click on phone icon which is assigned for voice call earlier. But as of now, it shows video call, and voice calls options.

WhatsApp Video Call Feature Made its debut on Windows Platform First

A User can switch the camera, mute the audio, and send a message when on a video call. However, sending a message will pause the video call. The three options – cancel, call again, and record a voice message, remained same in the video call what you get in case if the recipient declined the voice call.

Earlier in May, various sources posted about the WhatsApp video calling feature on Android. The video calling option appeared on the app and was disabled at the server end. Later, even the option was removed in the next update.

Discussing the call quality, you can compare with Google Duo experience. Your video call may get paused in the middle even if you have a secure internet connection. The audio quality in video call lagged a bit and is not as good as what you get in a voice call.  A similar feature like ‘Knock Knock’ is also available which shows the preview of the caller before answering the call.


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