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Twitter announced the Removal of Tweet Character Count Constraint from September 19th, 2016

Short Tweet may disappear as Twitter thinks to uplift the 140 Characters Count Restriction

Twitter till date holds the identity of having a limit on the message characters displayed. A Tweet includes 140 Characters for the message and 20 characters for Username.  A total of 160 characters are allocated of the entire message inspired with the SMS in telecommunications.

The thought of 140 characters limits removal for a Tweet has come way long back in the month of May 2016 itself for the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. But somehow, the decision could not be implemented as he withdrew from the proposals.

Twitter’s New Update Enables Read Receipts for Direct Messages

Finally, it seems that the Day has come for the short Tweets to get longer. Both 140 characters limit Tweets, and the longer Tweets have their significance in their places. The short Tweet will have the portability in the form of SMS too and can be more thoughtful.

High grammatical knowledge and creativity are needed. The longer messages, in contrast, need not have them. But they can be more expressive and informative as there is no restriction on character count.

Initially, the company has plans to remove the restriction for limited characters for videos, Photos and user polls. It did not happen till date.

Twitter Future Might be Decided in the Board of Directors Meeting

However, the images and other attachments do not come under the message character count. Hence the limit increase will not affect those things. Though, there is no official announcement regarding the date of implementation of the longer messages, some of the close and reliable sources have delivered the date on September 19th, 2016.

One of the interesting factors is that Twitter, in a phase of merger thoughts, is going to make this announcement.

One more fact that is to be observed is whether the implementation of these two things – Tweet character limit lifting and the non-counting of the usernames from the character count of the message would do at the same time or not.

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