Technology has a larger impact on the modern society almost in every aspect. Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the technological inventions through which humans are benefited to a large extent. It helps people to know the directions to reach their destination, trace their location (if lost) and used for various security purposes.

Nevertheless, as everything have their drawbacks, the GPS also associated with some. It may fail or not accurate due to certain reasons like bad weather, heavy storms or other technical issues. So it is not a 100 percent reliable source.

These days GPS-assisted accidents have been increasing and questioning the reliability of humans on technology blindly. Such incident which happened a while back was a resident of Chicago drove off a derelict bridge plunging 37 feet slavishly believing his GPS unit. It leads to an accident where his wife was killed and the man escaped death narrowly.

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A person named Iftikhar Hussain was so focused on his navigation system of his car that he failed to notice the warnings displayed on the road. The bridge has been closed since 2009 which wasn’t picked by the GPS and allowed the driver saying it a valid route.

Utilising technologies like GPS is right but completely relying on them is proved to be Incorrect, which also leads to several mishaps.

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A Recent incident had added up the criticisms of over-relying on the space-based navigation system. Going to the incident, a 23-year-old woman was driving in her Red colour Toyota Yaris car. She was not very familiar with the way chosen and the weather is also not good. It’s very dark, stormy and fog also contributed to the severe climate.

She was completely relying on the GPS of the car and faithfully obeying the “turn by turn” instructions of the in-car navigation system. It ended up where she drove straight down into Georgian Bay, which is 100 feet deep. Fortunately aware of the situation, the girl quickly escaped from the car’s window with minor injuries.

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It is very much advisable to use GPS navigation wisely and always have a backup plan ready in case of adverse weather conditions. It is better to stop driving and cross check where you are heading and whether you are on the right path. People should be also aware that every technology is man-made and are not 100% reliable in all cases.


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