The 29 Year old Women Heather Meadows, who is a mother of two children from West Virginia, died. Police confirmed in their investigation that, women’s death is after the surgery performed at the Hialeah clinic in the South Florida.

Meadows travelled from West Virginia to Hialeah for the surgery. The Surgery happened at Encore Plastic Surgery located at W. 49th Street in Hialeah. Staff refused to have a word on this incident and to speak on the camera. The clinic is completely licensed and the staff said patients come all over to be treated.

The women undergoing a plastic surgery operation at the Encore Plastic surgery and she went into the cardiac arrest and the woman was rushed to the Larkin Community Hospital at Palm Springs Campus where she later died.

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Surgery’s Doctors have been linked to the death of the women in 2013, who was receiving buttocks augmentation surgery. Affiliated Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu had his license revoked after series of botched surgeries.

Meadows have a six year old boy and the newborn baby girl said from the reports. The investigation process is going and the medical examiner is assigned for studying the case.

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The users on the Facebook are posting the testimonials on the Encore Plastic Surgery Facebook Page, regarding the incident happened at this hospital.


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