A new study revealed that the risk of Obesity, Diabetes and heart diseases can be defeated by consuming red grapes and oranges.

Researchers at The University of Warwick found that the two compounds from natural fruits, red grapes and oranges could be helpful in improving the health of the people suffering with diabetes and can even bring down the cases of heart diseases and obesity.

Paul Thornalley, the lead researcher of the study said that, “This is an incredibly exciting development and could have a massive impact on their ability to treat these diseases. As well as helping to treat diabetes and heart diseases it could defuse the obesity time bomb.”

Warwick researchers said that the two compounds, trans-resveratrol (tRES) which is found in red-grapes and Hesperetin (HESP) found in oranges are extracted and combined at pharmaceutical doses.

A trail of this combination was conducted by the researchers where, 32 over weight and obese people within the age group of 18-80 with BMI between 25-40 took part in the trail. The people who took this trail maintained their usual diet which was checked through a questionnaire and they were asked to take the same diet and do the same amount of physical work or exercise.

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Researchers after the treatment checked the changes in the sugar levels, artery health was measured by the artery wall flexibility and other assessments were conducted through blood tests. The two compounds, trans-resveratrol and hesperetin combination increases a protein called glyoxalase 1 (Glo1) in the body which counteract methylglyoxal (MG), a damaging sugar-derived component.They acted in tandem to decrease blood glucose levels, improve the action of insulin and also improves the health of arteries.

He noted, “As exciting as our breakthrough is it is important to stress that physical activity, diet, other lifestyle factors and current treatments should be adhered to.”

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Thornalley, said that these components should be consumed in pharmaceutical doses and also said that if people want to consume these components directly from fruits, they need to consume about 10 liters of grape-orange juices. The idea of taking fruit directly is not going to workout as it would lead to high intake of sugar and have opposite effects.

The very important is that the components are found in fruit but not through eating fruit. So, the team hope that the manufacturers explore the uses of the components as pharmaceutical products.

The study appears in the journal Diabetes.


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