A 12-year-old Spanish boy got into deep trouble after making a big blunder which cost him 1,00,000 euros which are approximate $1,12,000. Thanks to Google for waiving off this debt. The whole episode started with the Ad sense concept of Google.

Jose Javier, a Spanish teenager from the southeastern seaside city of Torrevieja, wanted to make his brass band famous online. For this, he chose Google Adwords. A costly advertising technique has been chosen as a part of his idea. PPC (Pay per Click) service allows the user to place his company on top while search results are displayed.

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To avail this type of branding for his dream come true, he has to pay Google. The boy gave his savings account details by mistake thinking that they are his credit card details.

This came to limelight when the bank officials called the boy’s parents for clearing a debt of 1,00,000 euros. This was shocking for the entire family. His mother Inma Quesada and father on enquiry found the mistake made by the boy.

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Jose Javier opened a savings account in his name so that the earned money and the savings that his parents deposited. With this, the boy wanted to buy a trumpet instrument which is named as “The Salties.” The parents had high hopes from his son of earning through online with the Google’s PPC. But this incident has alarmed them and takes the precautionary measures.

Thankfully, Google too realized the boy’s biggest mistake and announced that it would waive off the entire debt. Such mistakes, actually we can call it a costly mistake are usually dangerous. Google has also warned all the users, about such errors. It said the lack of thinking is very dangerous. The company has officially announced the decision of waving off on Wednesday.


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