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Facebook to Introduce Marketplace Feature for Selling and Buying things nearby

Facebook unveiled Quikr like feature called ‘Marketplace’

Facebook has become a platform to connect with the people more than just a social networking site. Now, the company is planning to get deeply involved into e-commerce with the launch of its new ‘ Marketplace ’ feature. The social media giant is planning to employee Facebook Groups to make better use of this feature.

Facebook Marketplace will be a one-stop destination for a user to discover, sell and buy with others in the community. This evolution of behavior in the social network will make its debut in the US, Australia, UK, and New Zealand later this week.

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“More than 450 million people visits buy and sell groups each month – from families in a local neighborhood to collectors around the world.To help people make more of these connections, we’re introducing Marketplace,” said Mary Ku, Director of Product Management, Facebook.

The icon of the Marketplace ‘Shop’ will be included in the app and user can explore it by just a tap on it. The market opens the pictures of the items listed for sale by the people in the neighboring localities. A search bar is also provided above to find something specific. Facebook Marketplace also enables users to narrow their search by filtering price, location and choose their one in categories like Electronics, Households, Apparel, etc.

Tapping on a product provides you more details from the seller like product description, photo, location and the name which seller has listed. A user can bid their amount directly from the Marketplace app if he/she decides to buy something. However, buyers have to work out the details by themselves, and Facebook does not provide any mode of payment or delivery options on the Marketplace.

The user can sell an item by just uploading a picture followed by product name, description, and price. Confirming location and selecting a category is a must thing before posting an item. Users can also track the present and past transaction by visiting ‘your items’ section in the Marketplace. This section also shows the saved items selected to buy later.

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