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Sony Planning to Release at least Five Mobile Games in Asia by 2018


As per the recent reports Sony is planning to release minimum five games before March 2018.  When it comes to gaming, Sony and Microsoft have a prominent role with their PlayStation and Xbox. But Sony doesn’t take it up to the notch when it comes to Mobile gaming. So, Sony has decided to make a solid move by setting the release of the mobile games by 2018.

The firm is not a making the initial moves into this, earlier it was into the scenes and not even exactly one of the top players either in the smartphone gaming. So things will get a change in 2018, as per the sources which are turn out to be accurate.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Available in Stores from Nov 10

Reports say that Sony Interactive Entertainment is gearing up to release five smartphone games as a minimum in late March of 2018, by targeting some regions in Asia and Japan.

The future smartphone games are going to be released based on the popular PlayStation series. So this is the great news for the gaming lovers, and soon they can expect the favorite old games that can play on the latest hardware.


So the games usually attracts the smartphone games which are popular with their console titles or iconic games. For example, as you all knew how the Pokemon GO is successful and it stands as the proof of it.

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Although the March 2018 release is quite far away and this means it could bring a lot of changes in the meantime. Sony might start announcing their future smartphones titles later this year, of course, the actual release is further down the line.

This might not be a big surprise, since Sony already announced back in March this year about its latest ForwardWorks mobile gaming division. This will bring the PlayStation Games to Android and iOS with the fully fledged game titles.

It has not updated any information related to that at this point about the release of its first titles from ForwardWorks. These new games are going to be roll out first in Asia regions and Japan. Consider this information as the pinch of salt, as there is no official confirmation from Sony regarding the release of smartphone games in 2018.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Available in Stores from Nov 10

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

The most amazing thing is that Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Review and Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Specifications have come out much before its launch.

However, Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Price is revealed. It is tagged with $299 and $399 for Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Slim and Sony PlayStation 4 Pro models respectively. PlayStation 4 Pro both models might come as a slim model too. Earlier the gadget is code named as “Neo”. It consists of a single-chip x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” model 8 cores custom processor. 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon based graphics engine GPU is supported by 1 TB Hard Disk. GDDR5 8GB RAM is fitted in the device. 4K Visuals will lure the game lovers.

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Sized about 295mm × 55mm × 327mm (width × height × depth), the gadget weighs nearly 3.3 kgs. BD 6-speed CAV and DVD 8 speed CAV are provided to support the external devices. 3 Super-Speed USB 3.1 Gen1 ports are also provided for the same.

Supported Graphics of 1080p at 30FPS, 1080p at 60FPS with enhanced visuals, make the gaming experience more super scaled combined with 4K visuals.

Sony PS4 Slim Images Leaked On the Internet

The latest models will be able to stream some of the social networking video sites too. Lastly, UHD Blue Ray support is lacking for these models. Optical Out and rear mounted USB ports are missing in the basic model.

Sony PS4 Slim Images Leaked On the Internet

Sony PS4 Leaked

Sony Leaked Pictures of smaller and slimmer variant of PS4, which have been developed on classifieds site Gumtree and popular gaming forum NeoGAF. It is not sure if this is real, but the pictures are evoking interest.

The past generations of PlayStation machines indicate that Sony would be making its move towards slimmer version on Sony PS4 Leaked. The console features full matte finish with Power and Eject buttons on the left.

Sony PlayStation VR headset will knock the market on October 2016 at $399

The device remains the rhombus shape, the sharp edges where rounded now. The rubber grips which were found in PS4 are now found missing on the new PS4 slim. The optical out port dint found its place.

Sony PS4 Leaked

It seems the headphones and other audio output devices probably will not be compatible with the new PS4 slim. A buzz is that the instrument comes out with 500GB capacity with a model number CUH-2016A

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This might not be out of the real possibility, earlier, a reduction of size is observed in PS3 after three years of its release in 2009. PS4 can also receive the same treatment. It is reported that Sony might launch a smaller PS4 alongside the PS4 Neo which would be revealed in September.

Sony announced an event on September 7 at 3 pm in New York City. The existence of the PS4 is yet to be confirmed by Sony.