Amid the coronavirus pandemic, where more and more people are working from home,many software companies are continuously putting efforts to make their apps more useful and effective. In a similar move, Slack, the messaging app, also rolled out a major update to its iPhone and Android apps, where it is following up its recent desktop app redesign model.

The new update will remove some of the clutter off its mobile app, which will make it easier to access the features users are more likely to use, especially when they are away from their computers. Instead of wading through the side menus, now users can easily go to the Home screen tabs to quickly access their DMs, mentions or reactions, and also the personal features like users’ status and notifications settings. This easy availability for access will not only improve the navigation but will also make it easier to respond to an off-hour request or to snooze alerts entirely.

The new Slack mobile app will have major improvements to some of its specific tasks. Now users can find a Call button in the DMs to start a conversation or set a reminder and also a compose button to quickly start a message to an existing one without finding that conversation in their DMs list. New swipe gestures will make it easier to navigate between screens and the lightning bolt icon will let users perform tasks without leaving Slack.

This new update will take some of the important features of the latest Slack desktop version to offer more utility and convenience to its mobile users. The new features seem to very user-friendly and it is likely to enhance the users’ experience to improve their work-life balance.

The new update will roll out to both iPhone and Android users over the next week. All that the users need to do is update to the latest version in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to get these new features.


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