Twitter, the America-based social networking giant, is well-known for bringing user-friendly updates to both its Android and iOS users. Since its existence, it has brought significant numbers of good user-friendly features to its app that are very easy and simple to operate. In a recent move, the company has brought a new update for its iOS users that will help them to see retweets with comments all in one place.

The news came on 12 May 2020, and on the next day, Twitter’s Support account also published a tweet saying, “Don’t miss the Tweets about your Tweet. Now on iOS, you can see quoted Retweets with comments all in one place.” It also attached a 36 seconds short video that clearly explains the new update. As of now, the new feature is available only for iOS versions, but it’s likely that soon it will also be available on Android versions.

Twitter has organized all of the retweets along with comments in one place. The new update is super user-friendly and will help iOS users to see the number of retweets of their tweets with comments, texts, photos, videos, and even GIFs all in one place. Users just have to tap on a tweet option and then on Retweets, this will break the retweets into two columns- retweets with comments and retweets with no comment.

Earlier, the process was lengthy and time-consuming and users had to copy and paste a tweet’s URL into Twitter’s search box to see the Retweets. Now, the new update has cut all those time-consuming steps into just one click. This is a major update from the part of the company as it has simplified the whole process of checking Retweets into a simple and handy one. This new feature is a cool and unique way to see retweets with comments just in one place.

Twitter told the American technology news website that the new update has been rolled out and most iOS users can enjoy the new features by today itself. This news made iOS users very excited and Twitter soon became full with quotes such as, “can’t wait to have it”.

While the excitement of iOS users sees no limit, the web app and Android users need not be upset. Media reported that the same feature will also be available on both web app and Android users in the coming weeks.


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