Qualcomm announces its latest update with its Snapdragon 768G processor, which will be integrated on Redmi K30 5G, which will be the first phone to have this upgraded processor. The company seems to have upgraded the processor to provide improvements to its CPU and GPU.

Talking about the Snapdragon 768G processor, it is basically a gaming chipset to provide better gaming experience to the users. It was announced back in the month of December and was the first processor to feature the 5G modem. It looks like the company is all set to get back to the track after a long pause.

The main difference that the users will get to see between 756 and 768G is the performance, which will be much better with a 768G processor with the addition of a Qualcomm Adreno 620 GPU that will boost the performance level of games played on the device. Users will also get to experience a 5G network with the device.

In an interview, the vice president of Qualcomm technologies was stated saying, “We are uniquely positioned to accelerate 5G Commercialization at scale and snapdragon 768G is an example of how we’re continuing to deliver solutions to address the needs of our OEM customers, our expanding portfolio has the potential to make 5G accessible to billions of smartphone users around the world.”

The company is all set to come up with a bang.The 15 percent increase in GPU performance is something that can’t be ignored as the smartphones installed with these latest versions will be with high performance.

Talking about Redmi K30 5G Extreme edition,it will be the first smartphone that will be integrated with this update. The phone is said to support 5G connectivity to provide better graphics performance; along with this, it will also support 120 GHz display with a higher pixel camera.

With a number of companies launching updates in this lockdown situation, Qualcomm is not left behind and is looking forward to providing better versions and performance to its users. The upgrade will be compatible with both 5G and Non-5G networks. The main purpose of this launch was to provide an improvement to the gaming world and it seems like the company will be the first to launch such an upgrade for smartphones mainly supporting the gaming field.


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