Samsung Planning to Introduce Foldable Phone

Samsung is going to introduce foldable phones which can be folded like the wallet. Yes, what you heard is true. Samsung is going to create a new trend in the Smartphone’s, for the first time they are introducing these foldable phones.

We can assume these foldable phones are the next generation phones. Recently Samsung Korea has taken the patent rights to launch this Smartphone, by next year we can get the bendable Smartphone’s into the market.

Samsung Showcases a New Fully Flexible OLED Smartphone Screen Prototype

The company also intimated that they are going to release more unique features in these foldable phones. They are trying to produce flexible screens for a long time. In this features, you can repeatedly bend or even fold. Samsung is working for patent rights from last year, and now they got the rights. These foldable phones are reportedly called as Galaxy X, but we are not sure about the name.

It is the bit complicated to manufacture this phone without damaging or breaking. We also have news about rollable phones which can be rolled like the scroll, but we are not sure about this rolling issue. Many problems will arise in the bending, foldable and rollable phone. The internal parts and screen would not be damaged while doing all these things

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Already we had listened about bendable battery now we are looking to foldable phones, everyday technology keeps on changing, and soon we can see more changes in the world. Soon Samsung will release the updates for this foldable phone.