Google the Tech Giant has recently rejected the EU antitrust charges which it has abused market dominance of its Android mobile OS. Rapsheet aims one of the Google’s important and sensitive businesses. The smartphones have become the dominant player over the Laptops and PC.

Kent Walker, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Google mentioned in his blog “Android hasn’t hurt competition, it’s expanded it.” Google is currently responding to the long list of charges which are involving Android that Margrethe Vestager. The EU’s outspoken competition commissioner filed in the month of April.

Walker says, “The response we filed today shows how the Android ecosytem carefully balances the interests of users, developers, hardware makers and mobile operators.”

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They included the claim about the company details about the practices used for the things like letting the manufacturers pre-install their apps like Chrome Browser. This is the company’s market-leading search engine and it is default in their phones.

The response from Google comes a week after the company has rejected the separate EU charges on the online shopping and its advertising services. This is in the series of ruling against US companies which has raised the things across the Atlantic.

The charges over Android are seen especially sensitive for the one of the Google’s most strategic businesses. This could change the global smartphone sector which were taken over the regular PC’s as the huge segment in this technological world.

There main thing only pertains for the Android run phones with the EC (European Commission) is not considering the Apple’s iPhone as the factor in the case.

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He also added “This is a problem that law enforcement can solve, by acting to bring Google into compliance with competition law.” They also included the telecom companies who are looking to have the better control of the Android Software which they provide on their smartphones.

Google the one who originally created the Android says the limiting the changes by the companies towards the system. And this helps the software developers and they do not have to make many versions of their apps which runs on the different versions of Android.

Google says that developers with the apps such as the Spotify or WhatsApp will depend on the stable and consistent the framework to do their work.


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