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Lenovo May Kill their Own Mobile Brand name for Expanding Moto

As we know, Lenovo bought Motorola from Google in 2014. After they bought the company for $2.9 million everyone assumed that Moto brand might be killed. In fact, possibilities stand up this year that brand Motorola may soon be renamed as “Moto by Lenovo” which will make Lenovo as a stronger brand.

However, it looks like all these things are false and Lenovo is going to change his brand name for mobiles. Lenovo hasn’t been able to mark out a strong plan for their brand and failed to create a plan for replacing Motorola. As we know, Motorola is much bigger and popular brand in smartphones compared to Lenovo.

Latest reports coming that Lenovo has decided to kill their brand name and only promote Motorola from now in the mobile sector. This is a big and bold decision by Lenovo and they clearly understood that it is better to support a popular brand name rather than creating own.

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Why can Lenovo kill their mobile brand?

  • Computers and laptops are still Lenovo’s most important business plumb, and it accounts for 70% of their total revenues.
  • Smartphones were only $2 billion last year which is 12% lower than previous year

So finally what we understand is Lenovo top importance should be desktops and laptops rather than computers. Smartphones don’t appear to be the primary business for Lenovo right now. So Lenovo is trying to kill their brand name in mobiles and looking forward under the name of Brand Moto.

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