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Delhi Man Suffering Throat Cancer Allegedly Shoots His Colleague Who Introduced Him to Smoking

Mustakeem Ahmad, a cook at a West Delhi restaurant, shoots his colleague Inayat who allegedly introduced him to smoking and marijuana that caused him throat cancer.

A 25-year-old Mustakeem, cook by profession work at a restaurant in West Delhi was addicted to smoking. He blamed his addiction to smoking on his colleague, Inayat from Myanmar. Inayat was soon rushed to the hospital but died.

The accused, Mustakeem was taken in to the custody of Delhi police and been under investigation. Ahmad told his interrogators that he developed hate towards his colleague so much that he brought a pistol and practiced firing to not to miss his target.

Ahmad and Inayat are colleagues in the workplace and are also friends. Due to his dedication and better performance, Inayat became everyone’s favourite with in short period. The insecurity complex in Ahmad increased and addicted to smoking cigarettes and marijuana under the influence of Inayat.

He developed throat infection in the course of time and meanwhile, on consulting doctor Ahmad was diagnosed throat cancer. This added fuel to the fire which developed enmity in Ahmad against Inayat. Ahmad performance at the restaurant became poor day by day, and he was fired.

Ahmad returned to his native village in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh and purchased a pistol to kill Inayat. After few days he returned to Delhi to ask his brother-in-law who is also the owner of the restaurant to expel Inayat but the owner refused to do so. Then Ahmad started arguing with Inayat, and in middle of the argument, Ahmad shot him and fled from the murder spot.

A police team soon launched a technical surveillance on Ahmad. Later, an informer told police on Friday that Ahmad was set to visit a relative in Uttam Nagar to take some money before fleeing the city. Then police team laid a trap and caught him after a chase.

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Google Launches Public Toilet Locator in Delhi and MP

Google launches Public Toilet locator in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. This feature will help the people to find out the nearest public toilet. The main objective of introducing this feature is to eradicate open defecation

In India, we know about Swach Bharat Mission which has introduced by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This campaign is launched to make our country clean. As a part of that mission, they have taken the help of Google to provide sanitation facilities for the people

In the case of the urgency of going washroom at outside, you can take the help of this public toilet locator. Sanket Gupta, the product manager for Google Maps, said when you search for public toilets in the Google map, you can see a list of public toilets near you.

Google & Govt of India Planning to Launch Toilet Finder tool

Along with the location, you can see the respective address and opening hours of that particular location. This tool is much more useful for the travelers who are traveling by their own vehicle. As if they are traveling in a car or bike probably they don’t have facility of going to washroom, so by this tool they can find the nearest public toilets

According to the survey about 60% of people don’t have the facilities of the rest room, so they can also use this facility. This tool is available on both desktop and mobiles on versions of ios and android. At present this tool is launched in the areas of Delhi and Madhya Pradesh

The locations are marked as swatch public toilets. Many women in our country are feeling difficult for open defecation so that they can use this feature.

Amazon Now launched 2-hour Delivery Service in Delhi and Mumbai

Ecommerce Company Amazon.in has launched Amazon Now in the Delhi and Mumbai. With this ‘ Amazon Now ’ customers can shop over 5,000 everyday essentials products including fresh fruits vegetables as well as food items from local stores like Hypercity, Spar, Modern Bazaar, Easy Day, BigBazaar, SRS, and my247market.com

Amazon Company stated “the product will be delivered to their customer’s doorstep within two hours or in pre-scheduled time. Customers can download the Amazon Now app from the play store and enter their local pin code in shopping the products.”

Amazon India Introduces online Wallet “Amazon Pay Balance” to Support Cashless Transactions

Already they have started this program in Bangalore, and they got a good response from the customers, so they have taken the step to expand this project in Delhi and Mumbai cities.

The Amazon Now team will work from 10 am to 10 pm. After booking the order within 2 hours time, they will give the delivery. They are offering free delivery on products above Rs 350. They will charge Rs 29 for schedule delivery and Rs 49 for express delivery.

Amazon launches Prime video service in India to take over Netflix

Amazon India category leader Saurabh Srivastava said “Our aim is to make our customers happy with the best selection and pricing across our platforms along with a pleasant delivery experience. After getting the positive response in the Bangalore, we have taken the decision of starting this Amazon Now service in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. About 5000 products of everyday essentials are available in the store. Mostly within two to four hours, we will deliver the products.”

NBA Plans to Start up Elite Academy in India Delhi-NCR

NBA Intends to Set up Elite Academy in Delhi-NCR

National Basketball Association (NBA) is planning to set up a residential academy in Delhi NCR (National Capital Region). Satnam Singh Bhamara, when he was 14-years old, travelling alone to the United States to get a place in NBA. At that time, the idea of travelling to the US was one that scared him. He had never been away from his family, friends and teammates for such a long time. However, his thought would help his NBA determinations, and the movie made by the 7 feet man Brought glory and became the first Indian to get enrolled to the NBA picked up by the Dallas Mavericks team.

A year after his achievement another Indian Palpreet Singh Brar would take to the US for training and later he had picked up by the Long Island Nets in the NBA D-League draft. With two Indians get through the NBA barrier following training periods in the US and the NBA’s interest in the country is also growing rapidly.

India’s First Sports Live Streaming App Sports Flashes out for Users

Meanwhile, NBA is planning to launch the elite academy in India. NBA vice-president of International Basketball Operations, Brooks Meek says. “The game has never been more popular in India, but after the success of men’s national team, it may increase. So this is the correct time to engage in elite training strategy.”

“NBA India is preparing the groundwork around the National Capital Region (NCR) for about one and half year to set up a training academy in Delhi. A total of 24 boys in the 14-18 age groups will cast around to earn scholarships that will look after their basketball training,” Said Meek.

The better players from the academics in Delhi NCR and China, along with searched talent from around the world. They will sent to Basketball Australia’s Center of Excellence at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. NBA Academy is the best in the NBA.

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S-400 A Major armor for Indian Air-force, Signed by Modi and Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have shown on Saturday as for how strong the relations between the two countries. During the BRICS 2016 summit, both the leaders have stressed on the need to eradicate terrorism from their respective regions in Russia and India.

To be more elaborate on India-Russia relations strength, both the global leaders have signed at least 16 agreements related to defense and infrastructure developments.

BRICS Summit 2016 : Russia, India To Sign $5 Billion Missile Deal In Goa

Above all, the world attention made deal is S-400 Triumf. A $5bn (£4.1bn) worth deal of S-400 air defense missile system. It is one of the most talked and important agreements between the two countries.

Long range up to 400 KM air missile defense system will be an advanced armor inclusion in Indian Air Force. India will now be standing by the side of China and Syria. Surprisingly, China is the first foreign buyer of S-400 from Russia way back in 2015 itself.
India has now signed for the purchase of S-400.

This missile deal was though agreed to make in 2015 itself, and the deal was not signed. BRICS summit has been the dais for making the deal OK for both the countries.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon Offers to Mediate Between India and Pakistan

However, another major defense deal that is eye-catching is the Kamov 226T helicopters manufacturing. These light weight army helicopters can also be used for civilian transportation purposes in unfavorable conditions too.

Kamov 226T helicopters will be built in India from now. Officials stated that this is the first defense deal taken up under “Make In India” concept. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and Rostec State Corporation of Russia are the Joint companies that will undertake production.

The third and fourth Phase of Nuclear Plant construction in Kudankulam. A Nuclear Power Plant operation and other construction works are under way.