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HP rolls out a new backpack to powerup laptops

The most bugging thing that one could face in travel is a low battery in their devices. Power banks have been an option for smart phones but getting charge for a laptop is a much bigger task at times. Now HP has solved the issue by introducing its new ‘HP Powerup Backpack,’ a new backpack that can charge a laptop.

Equipped with a backup capacity of 22400mAh, the HP Powerup Backpack is capable of charging a laptop fully as well as two devices with provided microUSB cables. The manufacturer claims that the backpack is adequate of charging a tablet up to 3 times and a smart phone up to 3 times. HP affirms that the backpack can change a broad range of Hp laptops, along with tablets and smartphones. The backpack also provides a power priority option to choose which device to charge first. A built-in heat sensor ensures the bag does not get too hot by monitoring the temperature. Made from canvas with an interior padding, the backpack comes with its own rain cover which ensures waterproofing when needed.

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HP is focusing on a backpack which offers much more than just charging a laptop. Earlier in May, Hp showcased a concept backpack which was a complete PC and was aimed at providing an untethered VR experience. Called the device OmenX, powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, which measures about 4.5 kg and sport two hot-swappable batteries.

The manufacturer declares the backpack meets all the security requirements for carrying in-flight. The backpack will be available from October 1, and the product is up for pre-orders on Amazon. The price for this product was tagged $200 (Rs. 13200 in India)

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