LinkedIn brings Influencer's videos to its feed.

 LinkedIn is following its fellow social network by introducing ‘video’ option. A short clip of 30 seconds video footage can be shared about the business trend or the topic suggested by the LinkedIn editorial team. Though this option is not available for all users, only a group 500 “influencers” are enabled to use this.

The largest professional Social networking site LinkedIn is making its steps to move forward with this new feature. Initially, this will be exclusively for the selected group of 500 influencers, and later its might be available for more number of users. These videos will be shown on the main LinkedIn feed, network updates, job postings, and shared articles. Users are allowed to like, share and comment on them.

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“Our members love to hear from the influencers who are on top of their game, those CEOs and leaders who know what it takes to be successful. We believe there is a huge opportunity to expand the ways our members can collect and share knowledge, and video will play a role in that,” said Jasper Sherman-Presser, senior product manager, LinkedIn. “We are evaluating the experience and determining the best approach for expanding video more broadly in the future. The videos will provide that on a deeper, more intimate level.”

Influencers have all the privilege to choose their own topics, or the LinkedIn editorial staff asks questions which influencers can respond do. Similar videos of the same genre will be directed to one place to make browse easy for the users. The company says that the selected topics comprise of workplace culture, diversity, innovation and much more. This video feature will be launched without any adverts and also includes pre-recorded videos and live stream videos.

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LinkedIn is making a significant push on users update for online video. This can also be noted as the first big update after Microsoft announcement of buying linked for 26.2 billion in June.