Paytm announced a new feature, i.e., Offline Payment Method. It allows the user to make the payments without smartphone or internet by using Paytm Mobile Wallet. But you still need a smartphone in order to create your account and have to link your phone number to it.

To make payment without internet or smartphone, all you need is a working phone even if it is a feature phone. The company launched a toll-free number, i.e., 1800-1800-1234. You have to call that number to set the PIN. After that, you can easily pay the shopping or recharge through the phone using Paytm Mobile Wallet.

Paytm Payments Bank got Final Nod From RBI: Operations will start From February

As the government announced the Digital Money usage, in a bid to help the people, Paytm comes up with Offline Payment Method. Through the released toll-free number, merchants and consumers can send or receive the money without web or smartphone.

In addition to the transfer of money, users can also recharge their phone numbers through the Paytm Offline Payment Method. To use this offline service without internet, first of all, you need to set up four digit PIN number through a toll-free number.

Users can use Paytm Mobile Wallet and recharge their mobile with Offline Payment Method.

How to Transfer Money From Paytm to Any Bank Account

Follow the steps for How to use Paytm without the Internet :

  • To use the new feature, first, you need to create the Paytm account. Because it is applicable for the existing users only.
  • Dial toll-free number 1800-1800-1234 through the registered Paytm phone number.
  • You have to select the language, next enter 4-digit PIN number and confirm it by replying with 1. If you not set the PIN you will get this step.
  • If you set the PIN already, you will be asked to press 1 for send money.
  • Enter the mobile number on which you want to send money.
  • Now enter the amount you want to transfer and enter 4-digit PIN which you set before.
  • Confirm your transaction by replying with 1, and you will notify your ID number.

In order to recharge, you need to press 2 and follow the further instructions. Currently, Paytm has a user base of over 160 million. Recently Paytm had got the RBI approval for becoming a Payment Bank


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