Have you heard of the heartening story of Ola cab driver??? Way he shows his respect towards Prime Narendra Modi’s ban of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 rupee notes, in a way to fight against corruption and black money. The whole story revolves around two people Vipin Kumar and Viplav Arora the man who booked Ola cab.

The surgical strike of Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the whole nation into the storm from Tuesday night when he declared the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 rupee notes are invalid. His announcement led to panic among those who are having black money.

From massive shopping malls to local stores and all small groceries to petrol bunks, are not willing to take the 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Besides all this, there are some who contribute their respect towards the ban and become inspiring to all.

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The one among them is the recently highlighted Ola driver. Viplav Arora, a resident of Delhi, has booked an Ola cab from his house to the railway station on 10th November. He has all 500 rupee notes, and he decided to pay the amount with Ola money.

However, the amount he has to pay is a bit above the Ola money he had. With no ATM working nearby and all Rs. 500 notes, Arora feel tense and a spot of bother for how to pay the amount. The Ola cab driver Vipin Kumar offered him a discount and said he would cut this amount from the company that he has to get.  He also said he respect PM’s Narendra Modi announcement and this is the share of his contribution towards the country development.

Arora took his facebook and shared the cheerful story of the driver. “Salute to that driver #vipinkumar and he proved the PM Modi quote in which he said - a Common man of India always ready to face hardship in country’s interest,” Arora also wrote.

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So many have shared this post and appreciated driver’s respect. Ola organisation has also replied to the post that they are very proud of having the staff like Vipin Kumar. Let’s applaud the driver who is a part of the fight against black money. It’s our responsibility to make India Corruption-free.


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