India’s top taxi-aggregator ‘Ola’ has announced the launch of new service, i.e., Ola Credit Postpaid Service, a unique postpaid service to make hassle-free mobility to millions of citizens who can pay for their ride later. In this, service customers will be given seven days of credit so that they can keep on booking the Ola cabs without worrying about insufficient money.

The Ola Credit Postpaid service introduced in a bid to the government decision of banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes. Ola Credit Postpaid service can repay through net banking, debit or credit cards and also accepted through Ola Money e-wallet.

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“Ola Credit Postpaid service is a global first from Ola to keep India moving towards a cashless economy. This Ola Credit Postpaid service provides hassle-free mobility to citizens who can now pay later for their rides when cash conservation is important for many citizens,” said the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Category Head, Raghuvesh Sarup.

“I am happy with the kind of customizations, transparency, and efficiency that Ola’s technology - Ola Credit Postpaid service brings at all levels,” said Head - Travel and Dir Aviation at Larsen and Toubro, Dr Sanjay Pai.

How does Ola Credit Postpaid service work???

  • Customers have to select ‘Ola Credit Postpaid service’ as their payment ride while booking the trip.
  • The user can avail the cashless ride, and they have to pay within a week.
  • The seven-day credit begins from the date of first credit ride.
  • Customer will be able to make the dues using Ola Money within a week of the credit period.
  • The company may extend the credit to the users on the select basis and the customer’s transaction history.

India’s largest mobile app for transportation introduced by Ola. This Ola Credit Postpaid service to help the customers from the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. The company also said that several other companies had adopted the credit service.

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