Travelling across the world is the most beautiful thing in the life. Even if you got the chance to visit the beautiful places and amazing places, but you could not able to travel all of them across the world. So what if you can see them all at one place? Feels Great right. Google Earth is now available with the Virtual Reality. It was almost a decade ago, Google Earth was introduced and it is helping the people to explore the planet earth.

Google Earth is having more than two billion downloads so far and today they come up with introducing the Google Earth VR. This is the company’s next move for exploring and experience the world in different way.

Google Earth VR is available for free to download for the HTC Vive VR Headset. With this VR Earth you can fly over the cities, mountains, oceans and more like the superman. You can view the things in the 3D aerial views. With the simple spins you can grab the sun out of the sky and you can experience the things, how they will in the day and night. So stop worrying about travelling and start experiencing the places you love with the Google Earth VR.

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Google Earth VR will let you walk around the places, fly over the locations and browse them. With this you can put the whole world within your reach. Go anywhere and explore anything across the world with this VR application.

You can download the Google Earth VR on the Stream (First Available) for the HTC Vive. This requires the best system rig with the decent specifications for the better experience. You must have the virtual reality headset for accessing this Google Earth VR.

Things you need for the VR support

Headsets            : HTC Vive

Input                   : Tracked motion controllers

Play Area            : Seated, Standing, Room-Scale


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