Famous physicist Stephen Hawking has warned people that they are only 1000 years left for the humans. People can’t survive unless they found another planet.

Recently a meeting was conducted at the Oxford Union, and there he said mostly 1000 years left for humanity. In the past also he warned about various issues like the threat of global warming, affects after the nuclear war, and he also warned the development of artificial intelligence could end the mankind.

He said the only solution for human survival is they have to search another planet to live.  Hawking stated dangerous autonomous weapons are also one of the causes of destroying humans. We can say we came to the stage of world end.

Stephen Hawking Warns Against Messaging to Aliens

In 2009 NASA launched its Kepler spacecraft. Its primary research is to search the nearby region of our galaxy for Earth-sized planets. They named this zone as Goldilocks zone because at that place pressure and temperature are in normal range for liquid water to exist on the planet.

This year astronomers have discovered Proxima B planet. It is an earth sized planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri’s habitable zone. Somehow it is very near to the earth, and it is just 4.2 light-years away from the earth. So, proxima seems to be the best planet to escape. Kepler is going to survey 100000 more stars in the galaxy. Soon they will find the best solution for this question

People also should take responsibility to protect the environment. Plant trees and reduce pollution.  We can’t save earth from danger completely but at least we will try to save our World.


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