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Facebook’s Oculus announced Price Cut on Virtual Reality VR headset to $399

Oculus Price Cut : Oculus, Facebook-owned virtual reality company is temporarily cutting the price of its hardware. The industry is trying to figure out the technology for immersive games and stories with low prices.

Oculus has announced a price cut on its Rift headset and Touch controllers to $399 for six weeks starting coming Monday. The price of the combined rift head headset and Touch controllers matches PlayStation VR, made by Sony. HTC developed Vive has been listed for sale at $799 on its website and also have announced price cut recently.

Facebook paid about $3 billion back in 2014 to acquire Oculus and retain its employees. Back then, Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Oculus offers a 360-degree panoramic view through headsets. It would “become a part of daily life for billions of people”. It didn’t work out, however it is unclear that if these high prices or something inherent in the technology or any other such reason.

Oculus Reveals Touch Controllers and Earphones

“Pricing discounts are sometimes a sign of weak product sales. That was not the case with Oculus, we could have cut the price sooner but wanted to wait until there were enough games, movies and other entertainment to keep a broad audience busy,” Says Jason Rubin, Oculus vice president for content.

The pace of game releases has set on the roll much faster, making way for a wider appeal.”We’re now in a space where the mass market can be much happier,” Rubin added.

Before this year, Oculus has to drop its price from $798 to $598 in March. Oculus shut the doors of its Story Studio in May, two years after it launched at the Sundance Film Festival.

A $500 million legal judgment against Oculus in February was another setback. Video game publisher ZeniMax Media Inc accused Facebook and Oculus of copyright infringement. When a jury found in favor of ZeniMax Media Inc, Oculus has asked for a new trial.

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Oculus Reveals Touch Controllers and Earphones, Ready for Pre-Order from October 10

Oculus has announced the Earphones and Touch Controllers during the company’s third annual Oculus Connect developer conference. These touch controllers also include the additional sensor and a connector for Rock Band VR.

The buyers who do pre-order will get two free games, ‘VR Sports’ and The Unspoken. During the launch of controllers, there are dozens of new titles available. Oculus Earphones for Rift also announced in the launch, which offers a substantial bass response.

Google Announces Pre-Orders for Daydream VR Headset at $79

According to the company, it maintains an excellent mid/high level for a well-balanced sound signature. These earphones even included with the passive noise isolation for not getting distracted.

Apart from these hardware accessories, Oculus has also unveiled Oculus Avatars. This lets you customize your VR identity from more than billion variations available. These Avatars were available at the touch launch and for the mobile in next year.

Another interesting feature introduced is Oculus Parties. This lets you start a voice call up to with eight people from anywhere in the VR. So this enables you to meet up with your friends in VR instantly.

Sky VR app Launched for Free Download

You can hangout, watch movies or both can launch the same app simultaneously. In coming weeks both the Parties and rooms are getting shipped for Gear VR, with the rift launch is scheduled in early 2017.

Mark, Facebook CEO has shared some VR chat features for the Rift which includes the live video call, games, and selfie with the virtual avatar. Facebook Co-Founder comes with the demo of the standalone VR headset. This Oculus product platform is very portable and also includes inside-out tracking.

These touch controllers come with the price tag of $199, and Touch Earphones comes with the price $49. These accessories will shipped from December 2016. So guys who want to pre-order, have to wait till October 10, 2016.

Hacker declared himself as New Boss by Hacking Oculus CEO’s twitter account

Attention..!!! Are you using the same password for all your social networking accounts? Are you not using latest security features like two-factor authentication and you don’t have an idea about how many months back you have changed your twitter password? If you are following the above things, then you may become a target for hackers.

The month of June can be aptly called as the month of hackers. Since famous people’s social media accounts have been hacked by hackers in this month. The list occupies the famous people like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and now another well-known personality added to this list. He is Brendan Iribe, CEO of the Oculus VR, who has suffered the same.

Then Mark Now Sundar Pichai! Who is Next? Hackers got hands on Google CEO Quora Account

Unfortunately, Mr Brendan Iribe is using an old password for his Twitter account without having authentication for his account. By ignoring simple security measures the Oculus CEO became the prey of cyber hackers.

According to the reports the hack had happened on late Wednesday night, and suddenly Iribe’s bio changed to “hey its @Lid… im not testing ya security im just havin a laugh.”

Hackers Attack Central Bank Websites of Indonesia and South Korea

The attacker tweeted

“Imagine creating the coolest s**t to ever be introduced to gaming and technology but using the same pass for 4 years lol… silly mr CEO,” read one tweet.

The hacker also tweeted “If Brendan wants his twitter back i want a free oculus rift so I watch porn the cool way,”

The attacker said that he/she found Iribe’s old passwords which were listed in the big dump of MySpace username and password combinations which was hacked last month.

He also claimed that he could have also hacked oculus CEO’s email account if he had not protected that with two-factor authentication.

Although Twitter has restored the account back to normal and Iribe had updated his old password with a strong one and officially Oculus didn’t respond to the incident.

Internet Uproar made Oculus to Reverse its Decision of DRM

Oculus had finally reversed its earlier made decision of DRM in its devices. It’s a result of massive opposition from online users to its decision of blocking HTC Vive owners from buying and playing exclusive Rift games.

 The reversal puts an end to the controversy which is raised after the launch of Rift VR headset back in April. Oculus silently updated its particular runtime of its hardware on Friday without mentioning about it and also deleted every part of that controversial DRM.

The idea of DRM was intended to protect Oculus’ exclusive games like Chronos and Edge of Nowhere. But it has turned facing criticism from the internet audience and later transformed into a controversy.

HULU to support Oculus Rift through its VR application

The controversial change made Revive update instructions for bypassing the copy protection made by Oculus. This made a new way to breach the privacy which hadn’t existed before. After the E3 event, the relationship of Oculus with other parts of the VR community even declined because of the change in the former Vive title to Oculus Touch game.

 It is an undeniable fact that it had made substantive mature games that are rich in quality when compared to the relatively under-developed Vive Game library.

Since the cost of Rift is too high and doesn’t include any motion controllers has lost its charm when compared to Vive. This can be changed since Oculus touch controllers would be released by the end of this year. This might bring back the goodwill and some earnings to the firm which is facing a series of setbacks in the recent days.

Facebook Emojis Reactions Now Shows Up In 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos

Developer’s team of Oculus stated that “We continually revise our entitlement and anti-piracy systems, and in the June update we’ve removed the check for Rift hardware from the benefit check. We won’t use hardware tests as part of DRM on PC in the future.”

They added, “We believe protecting developer content is critical to the long-term success of the VR industry, and we’ll continue taking steps in the future to ensure that VR developers can keep investing in ground-breaking new VR content.”

This whole scenario has proved the power of Internet which can make anything possible just by opposing. One had to appreciate Oculus for accepting its mistake and reversing its decision basing on user’s Feedback.