Yahoo recently launched the Yahoo Answers Now, a particular app for users on iOS app. Yes, Yahoo Answers Now officially initiated by the company on Monday to troop source answers to the questions that you can’t find on the web.

The app has secretly been stored in the App store for many months under a different name, according to the TechCrunch. The new Yahoo Answers App allows users to post and answer questions. With mostly unfiltered issues and answers hammering in from a different community, Yahoo Answers is usually more humorous as it is useful.

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If you enjoy browsing through funny questions people posted and be likely to reply to some yourself, now you will have a Yahoo Answers Now App. It is a standalone app for ios users, and it was previously known as Yahoo hive, which has been kept under the wraps on the App store since the summer.

Yahoo Answers Now App is the latest in the list of mobile apps Yahoo released this year. The app lets you search for and answer questions or queries. Yahoo launched few specific apps in recent times like Newsroom, a travel search engine called radar and enthusiastic Esports app for Android versions. Now Yahoo Answers new App is only available for ios devices.

Yahoo also updated the app yesterday with a bunch of features like the search for the questions and answers, search the web for links to source answers, questions edit, answers, and profile update, and hyperlinks click.

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?Yahoo Answers Now’ is a free download App from the ios App store, but if you have to activate it, you require an invite code. If you are interested in sign up, then you will send an email to


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