The most talked suit of the PM which had ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ name monogrammed as gold pinstripes was auctioned in the month of February 2015 for an amount of 4.31 Cr. This auction has entered into Guinness World Records as the ‘most expensive suit sold ever’,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore the suit during his meeting with US President Barack Obama. The suit made headlines after three days when it was auctioned and won by 62-year old Laljibhai Patel, at a price of 4.31 Crore. Patel is a Surat-based diamond merchant who said that he would get the suit ever it was more than 5Cr.

The auction money was assigned to Prime Minister’s campaign to clean the River Ganga. There were two more people who made their offers a business man and a teacher.

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The same suit made a record entering Guinness World records as the expensive moat auction ever made. Patel said that “It’s a matter of pride that a suit worn by Narendra Modi will now be mine,” and that he would display it in his factory.

The tailored navy suit worn by PM Modi received huge criticism from the opposition as an example of narcissism and extravagance in a country where many are poor.

The suit along with 400 other gifts of Narendra Modi was auctioned that he received after becoming Prime Minister.

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Businessman Ramesh Virani, NRI claimed that he gifted the suit to PM Modi on his son’s wedding, January 26 last year on the same day when he visited Obama.


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