“An Ultimate Mobile Device is going to release in the market” said by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Already we heard rumors of Lumia phone that company has stopped the manufacturing of lumia phones. Microsoft also didn’t release any Lumia phones from past few months. So, most of the people got to an opinion that Microsoft has stopped manufacturing mobiles.

Satya Nadella recently gave the statement that company will continue in the phone market. A new mobile device is going to come in the market, and it does not reflect regular trends it is just coming to create the sensation in the phone industry.

He also said Microsoft is always in the first position to create unique devices. It never takes back step to take risks and he also said about Microsoft surface. This company jumped into the 2 in 1 factor with Microsoft surface three years ago. It’s pointing towards Microsoft intentions to something unique to the customers.

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According to the information, Microsoft is planning to launch a surface smartphone soon. The company is targeting three different users including customers, business users, and enthusiasts. So soon we are going to see an Ultimate Mobile device from Microsoft. We still don’t know this surface phone is the ultimate mobile device or else another mobile will release. To know complete info we have to wait some more time.


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