A person with colorblind knows how things can get messy, while few people are arguing over a colour with the colorblind person.  A new app is developed by the Microsoft with the aim to help the people suffering from color blindness and also inspired to create a solution to this lifelong problem.

The company has launched the Color Binoculars application which lets the people distinguish the colours in their everyday lives. This Color Binoculars app replaces different colour combinations like red and green with more distinguishable combinations like pink and green.

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According to the reports, Color blindness is the common condition affecting around 8 percent of the population. It is not a disability where people can’t see any colours it just means some people are unable to differentiate the colours. In a bid to this problem, Microsoft launched the Color Binoculars app which is going to help the people to differentiate between the colours and also helps them to see properly.

“We read about special lenses that helped the colorblind people distinguish colours, however, that’s expensive. So we thought, let’s code something on the phone for free,” Tingting Zhu, a Microsoft engineer who helped develop the project, said.

A Microsoft Engineer, Tim Overton who suffers from the colour blindness is one of the people behind the project. “Anything with red or green messes me up, It’s not so terrible, but it does affect you. For instance, fall leaves don’t look any different for me than other leaves. They look like they always do. It takes a lot of colour out of my life – metaphorically, that is,” he said.

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From onwards all the color blindness affected people can see real colours of the world. The Color Binoculars application resolves the problem with the help of your iPhone camera. This app doesn’t save any videos or photos it just offers the colourful view of surroundings, and all iPhone devices support it.


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