meizu super mCharge

Chinese handset maker Meizu has come up with a new technology named Super mCharge. On Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress 2017, the company had unveiled its new invention. According to the company, this new tech can charge a emptied 3000 mAh smartphone battery in just 20 minutes. During the demo at the MWC Barcelona, Meizu had displayed the Superfast charging capabilities.

Meizu claimed that with the Super mCharge Tech, 30 percent charging could be achieved within five minutes and in fifteen minutes 85 percent of the battery can be filled. Even though it takes less time to charge, the mCharge Successor prevents excess heating of the smartphone.

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The Super mCharge is said to be much faster and safer  than Oppo’s VOOC technology and other Quick Charge technologies.

meizu super mCharge

The Firm stated that “Super mCharge adopts the Charge Pump Principle, applying only two groups of conversion circuits to directly output half of the voltage. This increases charging efficiency by 9 percent to 98 percent and ensures stable performance during charging.”

Meizu also stated that “With Super mCharge, battery temperature tops at 102.2 degrees during charging, resulting in a safer and more reliable charging solution.”

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However, the smartphones having a bigger battery than 3000 milliamps per hour can take more time to charge. Similar charging technology VOOC from Oppo claims to full charge a smartphone with a 2500mAh battery in fifteen minutes.

So now you can Charge your smartphone from 0 to 100 just while you have your breakfast. We can expect this super mCharge feature in the upcoming Meizu’s smartphones.


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