The world’s biggest websites have stopped working by a failure at one of Amazon’s major US data Centres.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), offers cloud-computing services operate from 16 geographical regions across the world. Many of the world’s biggest websites like Imgur, quora, Q&A forum and medium rely on its services. On Tuesday these high-profile websites and services went down.

After several hours, Amazon said it had rectified the problem, but it did not make public about the reason for disruption.

Most of the websites were knocked offline, and other services such as workplace collaboration tool slack, and some lost key functionality.

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 It was AWS’s S3 services (Simple Storage Service) was affected. Amazon says that S3 services haven’t broken but it was experiencing higher “error rate” than usual. The websites that rely on this services can’t get online all the same.

Because of the many websites rely on internet’s most reliable services AWS, any bug can cause catastrophic problem across the internet. Other sites which heavily reply on its services are down entirely. Trello and other sites are completely broken by this problem.

US government services, like Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) were also affected.


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