Cozmo is a tiny robot developed by the Anki Company, which is famous for super cars and trucks toys. Cozmo is the coolest robot ever invented which, is developed by the team from various disciplines of world-class animators, game developers, PhD roboticists and lead designer of the Batmobile.

This represents the future of the play at the collaborations of the video games, toys films and robotics. Cozmo is charming, little mischievous and unpredictable. Qualities of the Cozmo  are it reacts, remembers, interacts and play with you.

The combination of the AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robotic moment designed by the Pixar Animators and the Computer Vision technology.  It is expensive, and it can interact with the world around it. Cozmo is so smart that it can recognise your face and remember the time. It can play with toys in the surrounding environment. This is not the perfect robot, and this is what Anki is needed.

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Boris Sofman, CEO and the Co-Founder of Anki mentioned in an interview that “Perfect is boring.”

Just say hello to Cozmo, He is the little guy who can respond with his mind. He’s kind of a robot which you only saw in the movies and a different kind of personality. He is unique and pushes you to play and make you surprised constantly. With this, you will go crazy and have loads of fun.

You can pre-order the Cozmo, and it is available for $159.00 as the early bird offer, and the original price is $179.99. On Pre-ordering the Cozmo, you can save $20. The orders will start shipping from the month of October 2016. You can make the payment and make a note that the product will be shipped in the United States only. Anki Company is providing the special offer to the pre-ordered users. The product will be arrived two days early, before the product is sold in the stores.

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The things included in the box are Self-aware Cozmo robot and Drive-on/Drive-off charger along with three Interactive Power Cubes.Pre-Order now at Anki Official Website.

Cozmo is the most significant robot which is available now. The final verdict from the Anki Company is World meet Cozmo; Cozmo meet the world.


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