Shine, one of the most innovative toy-maker based in Japan has come up with a new idea for creative artists. A hand held 3D-Foam pen can now give life to your artistic sketch work. This Awamoko 3D Foam pen by Shine Company is safer as it replaces melted plastic for soap suds.

The all new Japanese technology 3D Foam pen is released in to the market with a price tag of $42. This is claimed to be much safer than the usually used 3D-Printing pens which have to melt the plastic that they eject out. We have heard about many people who burnt their fingers or arms accidentally while using such harmful glue guns or so called 3D-printing pens. So, which one do you prefer for your little artists at home?

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Now, you or your kids can create 3D shapes with this lovely Foam pen which uses foaming liquid soap. The Awamoko 3D Foam pen comes with two plastic foam beds on which you can fabricate your creations. It also comes with a spatula to help you shape foam bubbles and few other decorative items like ears, eyes, noses and more. In addition to these items, 3 different heads for the pen are packed within the same price. These heads will allow you to make distinct shapes like smiley faces or stars.

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Well, if we go in to the working process of the pen, no manual pumping is required to eject the foam. The pen automatically bubbles the liquid soap within the device into foam. All you need to do is just long press a button to squeeze out the foam from the tip of the pen. And you need not bother about the cleaning part, as the pen just ejects liquid soap foam the area gets half cleaned within minutes.


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