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Are you too lazy to cook? 3D food printers are the answer

3D food printer

The team of engineers from Columbia University is developing a three-dimensional (3D) food printer for the home usage which is going to revolutionize how to eat.

With the help of the computer guided programming software, this 3D food printer can fabricate the edible items and the actual cooking of edible pastes, gels, powders, and liquid ingredients. All these in this prototype looks similar to the coffee machine.

HOD Lipson from University of Columbia in US says “Food printers are not meant to replace conventional cooking, but they will not solve all of our nutritional needs, nor cook everything we should eat.”

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Adding to this Lipson said “But they will produce an infinite variety of customised fresh, nutritious foods on demand, transforming digital recipes and the essential ingredients supplied in frozen cartridges into healthy dishes that can supplement our daily intake.”, “I think this is the missing link that will bring the benefits of personalised data-driven health to our kitchen tables – it is the ‘killer app’ for 3D printing,”.

This 3D printer is placed out with a robotic arm which holds the eight slots for the frozen food cartridges.  The team is currently working on incorporating an infrared heating element into the arm.

3D food printer

According to the Lipson, this 3D food printing is the universal technology which is having the great potential to revolutionise the lives by enabling us to design and manufacture the things with extraordinary freedom.

“If we can influence this technology to allow the artificial intelligence tools for designing and creating new things, we can achieve vast potential,” said Lipson.

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The team is joining up with New York’s International Culinary Center (ICC) for creating new and different kind of food with a focus on the textures, combinations and the arrangements of the ingredients which are not even currently available to chefs.

Hervé Malivert, ICC’s director of food tech, says “These printers improve, it will be exciting to see where we can go with these machines. For instance, I think they will be very useful in the area of health and nutrition, especially in nursing homes and hospitals”.

The Robot ‘Cyborg’ built with sea slug muscle and 3D printed body

The Robot 'Cyborg' built with sea slug muscle

After combining the tissues from sea slug with bendable 3D printing components which are under 5 cm long, researchers have built a robot called cyborg which might help them one day, to probe the depths of the fresh and saltwater with ease. This “Biohybrid” robot has the similar abilities for crawling like the sea turtles which were developed by the researchers. This little robot has the big implications. The research Centre is located at Case Western Reserve University, Ohio.

The key usage of these biohybrid robots could be in determining the source of the toxic leak in the pond. It is also helpful in searching for the black box flight data recorder on the ocean floor.

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The primary purpose to choose the sea slug by the researchers, because the animal is durable down to its cells, as the standing substantial changes in the temperature, salinity and more in the Pacific Ocean tides shift their environment between the deep water and the shallow pools. When compared with the mammal and the bird muscles which require strictly controlled conditions to operate and these slugs are much more adaptable.

To the searching tasks, “we want the robots to be compliant, to interact with the environment,” Webster said. “One of the problems with traditional robotics, in particular on the small scale, is that actuators–the units that provide a movement – tend to be rigid,” she added.

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“We’re building a living machine — a biohybrid robot that’s not completely organic — yet,” said lead researcher and PhD student Victoria Webster in a statement.

Ozan Akkus, The Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and The Director of the CWRU Tissue Fabrication and Mechanobiology Lab says, the team also used collagen from the sea slug’s skin for creating a shell that could be utilized in the place of the polymer body for the entirely organic robot.

“When we integrate the muscle with its natural biological structure, it’s hundreds to thousands of times better,” Akkus explained.

Japanese “3D-Printing Soap Suds Pen” Is Now Available For $42

3D-Printing Soap Suds Pen

Shine, one of the most innovative toy-maker based in Japan has come up with a new idea for creative artists. A hand held 3D-Foam pen can now give life to your artistic sketch work. This Awamoko 3D Foam pen by Shine Company is safer as it replaces melted plastic for soap suds.

The all new Japanese technology 3D Foam pen is released in to the market with a price tag of $42. This is claimed to be much safer than the usually used 3D-Printing pens which have to melt the plastic that they eject out. We have heard about many people who burnt their fingers or arms accidentally while using such harmful glue guns or so called 3D-printing pens. So, which one do you prefer for your little artists at home?

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Now, you or your kids can create 3D shapes with this lovely Foam pen which uses foaming liquid soap. The Awamoko 3D Foam pen comes with two plastic foam beds on which you can fabricate your creations. It also comes with a spatula to help you shape foam bubbles and few other decorative items like ears, eyes, noses and more. In addition to these items, 3 different heads for the pen are packed within the same price. These heads will allow you to make distinct shapes like smiley faces or stars.

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Well, if we go in to the working process of the pen, no manual pumping is required to eject the foam. The pen automatically bubbles the liquid soap within the device into foam. All you need to do is just long press a button to squeeze out the foam from the tip of the pen. And you need not bother about the cleaning part, as the pen just ejects liquid soap foam the area gets half cleaned within minutes.

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