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Google Denies Altering YouTube Code to Break Microsoft Edge

In a claim made by a former Microsoft Intern, Google has been pointed at for allegedly adding codes in order to break compatibility. Joshua Bakita, who was a software engineering intern at Microsoft, has laid out the detailed facts and claims on Hacker News. Microsoft has reportedly announced that it is moving to the open source Chromium project for its Edge Browser from the EdgeHTML rendering engine.

Bakita said - “One of the reasons we [Microsoft] decided to end EdgeHTML was because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers, and we couldn’t keep up.”

He had claimed that Google added a “hidden empty div over YouTube videos,” which has affected Microsoft’s hardware acceleration for videos. He further emphasized that prior to the redesign of the code, Microsoft’s state-of-the-art video acceleration had put them ahead of Chrome on Video Playback time on battery. This changed the moment they made the code changes and advertised Chrome’s dominance over Edge on video-watching battery life, claimed Bakita.

Bakita, although remains skeptical about the intentional change made to YouTube code, says that his colleagues are convinced that the code change was intentional. Microsoft Edge had also requested the video-sharing giant, YouTube to remove the hidden empty div but was only turned down.  

These claims come months after Mozilla Manager claimed that a particular YouTube redesign has made the site five times slower in Edge and FireFox. However, in a statement made to the media, Google has said that it fixed only a bug and didn’t add any code redesign to defeat the optimization in the other browsers.

Microsoft remains unavailable to comment on the specific claims made by the former Intern, but it has humbly called Google as a helpful partner and looks forward to working on the future of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is a web browser that has been included in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One devices, taking place of the age old Internet Explorer as the default browser. Whether it is Google’s fast-paced tweaking of web standards or Mozilla/Microsoft’s slow acclimatizing to the changes is a debatable question.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update:Top New Features to Come

Top features users are going to experience in Windows 10 Anniversary update.

It’s been almost a year Windows 10 has got released and been running on 350 million devices. Microsoft is preparing to release its update on August 2, named windows 10 anniversary update. This update provides a new range of features and improvements for users.

Microsoft made the update available now for the users opted windows insider program, it will be automatically pushed out to Windows 10 on August 2nd. The company is making a big push get users upgrade to the newer version. However, free update offer to Windows 10 is going to come and end by July 29. Microsoft hopes the new update will promise the people switch to Windows 10.Users who are using Windows 10 currently can get  the upgrade for free and experience the cool features.

Here are the 10 best new features in upcoming Windows.

Windows Ink:

A new sketchpad is introduced for drawing a guide or doodle, and a user can use it to draw shapes or straight lines with the help of a virtual ruler. The screen sketch feature automatically takes a screen grab and let user ink all over it and share it quickly. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t find a perfect solution for all the limitations of pen input in Windows 10.

Microsoft users Have Two More Days To Get Windows 10 Update For Free

Microsoft Edge Extensions:

Microsoft is heading to Edge browser, the update support for extensions and now its up to third-party developers. These extensions resemble to chrome extensions, and the similar ones like Adblock, Last Pass, 1password and EverNote are available already. The company has added web notifications for the edge, websites are pushing notifications to Windows 10 Action Centre.

Cortana improvements:

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, made a debut on Windows 10 last year. The latest update brings it to the lock screen. A user can assign it to play music, make a note, set a reminder and much more even without logging in. Cortana has got more intelligent, and now user can schedule appointments in Outlook or opt to send friends a document.

Dark theme and UI tweaks:

It’s an incomplete UI last year. Now it came out well groomed. Most of the monitors continued using dark mode across the OS. A user can switch on to even darker mode in settings, and it will switch built-in apps that use a white background over to black.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update to make a big push for Education

Setting time zone automatically:

Now user need not adjust PC clock manually when travelling abroad for a vacation. Though it is a minor feature, it’s the small things which make a difference. Microsoft didn’t enable the time zone automatically switch by default, and user needs to enable it from the settings app.

Windows Hello for apps and websites:

Microsoft has got up with an excellent feature Windows Hello. It is one of the best features the company added to Windows 10.  It will let the user login into Windows without using a password by just scanning the user’s face by using a special camera. Now Microsoft is making this feature even better with integration into apps and websites.

Windows 10 apps on Xbox One:

Windows 10 now powers Xbox One. Microsoft will launch an update for its gaming console to support Cortana and new apps. The company is expecting to more number of Xbox apps, and few were appearing already.

Bash in Windows:

Whole developer world was surprised when Microsoft unveiled bash for Windows, which is mainly useful for developers. Microsoft is adding Linux commands to Windows 10, which really a good addition for Linux developers to access their tools on Windows. It’s an optional feature and user need to enable it.

Microsoft Pays $10,000 to Marin Woman for Automatic Window 10 Update

 Protect to PC:

Microsoft is adding a new option which mainly suits for the business environment to Windows 10 ‘project to PC’. This option allows you to find a PC easily to project from the phone or another PC. A user can project what he sees on his display onto another machine, and allowed to use its keyboard, mouse.

New Skype app:

Windows 10 already have so many Skype apps, and it’s really tough to choose one. Microsoft has created a new app which is said to the future of Skype on Windows 10. Though it is not completely featured yet, but it will serve the purpose of basic Skype audio and video calls.

Sync your phone notifications to your PC:

The syncing phone is one of the best features in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. A user can use Cortana to sync notifications from their Windows 10 or Android phone. Few more features also enabled like replying to messages, dismiss notifications, and quickly send photos from a phone to a PC.

company is encouraging the update to see in action. Even this upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update isn’t complete. But, its going to be a promise by Windows 10 across multiple devices.


Microsoft users Have Two More Days To Get Windows 10 Update For Free

Hurry up….the offer is about to end in 48 hours!

Microsoft users just have two more days to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Do not miss this chance, as the update will cost you about $119 after 5:59 AM ET July 30. The Windows 10 Anniversary update is available for all personal devices running Windows 7 and Window 8.1. So, the deadline has come close for all the users who haven’t upgraded their devices to Windows 10.

Since its roll out last year, Microsoft has been allowing users to upgrade their devices by making the upgrade available by pop-ups. Yes, the new OS has its issues but as we know it is the latest and improved one to older version which mainly aims at productivity. The virtual assistant, Cortana is the major integration into the update which helps users in finding documents and much more online sites.

Windows 10 Reaches 300 Million Mark, Calls Time on Free Upgrades

Microsoft Edge, a new web browser developed to replace the internet explorer as the default web browser is included in the Windows 10 upgrade. Edge improves the ability of a user to make notes on screen and share it with friends. Currently, Window 10 users also have access to the last year launched Windows Hello, a feature that uses Facial recognition technology to unlock the screen. The major noticeable changes of the update are the ‘start’ menu and the design.

Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” to make a big push for Education

By upgrading to the Windows 10 before 29th July will allow users to update to the Windows 10 Redstone Anniversary update which will be released on 2nd August 2016. It is the first major update to the new operating software that adds advanced features, improved system stability and security. According to Microsoft, more than 350 million devices are upgraded to Windows 10 since its release in last summer. And the giant expects to reach one billion devices by 2018.

Is Microsoft Edge debasing Google Chrome with battery performance test results?  

Microsoft has conducted the experiment on the four different browsers for finding out the best. Google Chrome is the popular and one of the best browser, but with the series of experiments done by the rival company Microsoft results how much of the battery life is eaten up using the chrome.

This experimentation is done on four identical surface books, which are unplugged and played the same video on all. The only difference is the browser that the video is played on. In this test, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera browsers are used for finding out the result. One streaming video is played on all these four surface books.

Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio, VR Focused Gaming Console: ‘The Most Powerful Console Ever’

The results from the experiment will astonish you. To our surprise Google Chrome is in the last. From the results battery life of the laptop which uses Chrome browser last for 4 Hours 19 Minutes.

Here are the results of the different browsers which undergo with the test.

  • Mozilla Firefox :    05:09:30
  • Microsoft Edge: 07:22:07
  • Google Chrome: 04:19:50
  • Opera :    06:18:33

All the results are respective to the battery life time after the video, and the results are shown in Hours: Minutes: Seconds.

Evernote Announces Google Drive Integration to Android Apps and Chrome

The laptop running with the Microsoft Edge browser is lasted till the end of the more than 7 hours which is 70% longer than the laptop which is running with the Chrome. 43% longer than the PC running with the Mozilla Firefox and 17% longer than the Opera browser.

With the surprise Microsoft Edge browser managed to stream the video for 7 hours 22 minutes on the surface book after unplugging the power, and this result is 70% more than the Google Chrome Browser.

After Google Chrome followed by Mozilla Firefox where the surface book got drained in 5 Hours and 9 minutes.

Microsoft Takes A Big Step To Acquire LinkedIn For $ 26.2 Billion

We have to notice that Microsoft Edge doesn’t have the features or the extensions which the google chrome have and soon available in the Edge browser. These changes might get affected in the future update in the launch of the Anniversary update to the Windows 10. This update will be released in the summer as per the reports.

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