Digital Payments are Going to Have a New Technology Which is a Game Changer

A new technology developed with the assistance of sound waves. With this technology, Digital Payment can be made between the devices without the need of the internet connectivity and other communication tools like NFC.

It will enhance the scope of the digital payments more. Users can use the mobile application with the sound based payments technology just by placing your smartphone near to the merchant’s device.

Pay the Bills without Internet Connection with Digital Payment

Everyone has a doubt like “How are you going to pay with Sound?”

The user’s smartphone equipped with the application with the sound based payment technology, and they can make purchases at the store by placing the phone near to the merchant’s device.

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The app should link to your bank account or credit card account or even the digital wallets. The transactions is happened over the sound waves. Bangalore based ToneTag and the UltraCash have developed the sound based payments technology.

This platform functions independently or you can integrate with the platforms of the digital wallets. Earlier in this year, the Digital Wallet Paytm has announced that they were testing the sound waves based technology for payments.

How it works?

An algorithm is used for encoding the data into the sound waves and which can be transmitted for making the payments in offline.

They don’t need to get integrated on the both ends,the Buyer’s mobile as well as the merchant’s device or the card readers. No additional hardware is required in this payment process.

When the transaction is initiated then the device at the merchant will generate the sound containing the encrypted payment data. This data is received by the microphone on the buyer’s phone.

As you know,sound is a analog signal which means a continuous one. When the bill is generated at the merchant end, by entering the bill amount on his device, this algorithm converts the numbers (digital) into the analog format.

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During this process, the digital signals are done with the encryption.For any accidental changes to the raw data then error detection code is used to identify them.

The Analog information is transmitted through the device of the merchant with the sound signal to the buyer’s phone for receiving the bill. The customer’s phone cannot do the reverse steps which are mentioned above and decrypt the data, so the user can get the bill which is readable.

The buyer who is doing the transactions can make his payments through the digital wallet or debit or credit card.


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