He is not old enough to sign up, but he says I am worth enough to hack!!!

Jani, a 10 years old Finnish boy, discovered a bug in Instagram that allowed him to delete comments of other users that even Facebook’s mighty engineering team missed.

After Jani found this vulnerable; he says that “I can delete other people writings, and would have been eliminating anyone even Justin Bieber’s comments with the flaw I found”, the boy reports to iltalehtia local publication.

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The Issue was fixed quickly after being discovered, said Facebook. Later Jane was rewarded with $10,000 by discovering the bug in Instagram.

The two twin little boys (Jani and his brother) always try to search for the security holes in the past and found a few which they haven’t get paid any fees. On founding the vulnerability, Jani emailed to Facebook. So Facebook gave the 10-year-old $10,000 (Ten Grand) which is the first time paid for finding a bug.

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As a part of the Facebook Bug Bounty program, FB pays $936,000 to 210 researchers, who find bugs and flaws in their code. They too even offer cash on the quest for those significant problems similar to Google security rewards program. The $10,000 prize was part of Facebook Bug Bounty Program.

Teacher, Schoolmates and their parent were astonished and amazed. The paid money acquired will be spent on his new bike and football equipment and computers for his brothers. As the security is critical, so the Finnish boy dreaming of a career security expert, it would be his dream Job, says Jani.

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