Google is focusing on offline functionality to make its services more accessible to the users. This latest feature will be available on Google app on Android line up. Now, this latest Google offline app helps you with a better search function. Even if your search fails, you can get results as soon as a connection is available. Thus, the app keeps searching with a single tap.

You may often face inconsistent or spotty network, which means failure in search even when the connection is good. Search results are saved and will be retrieved when you lose connection or go into airplane mode. Earlier, we have observed the likes of Google Maps, Google Translate, YouTube and others offering such features. However, these emerging market-friendly features are present need of the hour.

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“And if you’re worried about data charges or preserving battery life, don’t fret. This feature won’t drain your battery, and by fetching streamlined search results pages, it minimally impacts data usage.” Shekhar Sharad, Product Manager at Google, mentioned in a Blog post.

The Google offline app works behind-the-scenes and delivers your search results when a connection is detected. All you have to get is just the latest version of Android.

Here we provide you about what the Google offline app stored in for you:

Ask Google to help you do things:

  • “What are good restaurants nearby?”
  • “Where is my package?”
  • “Remind me to call mom at 5 pm.”

Talk instead of type:

  • Say “Ok Google” from any screen and ask a question
  • Google will speak the answer aloud

Personalize your feed and get notifications:

  • Start your morning with weather, news & traffic
  • Get updates on sports, movies & events
  • Be up to speed with the latest stock market changes


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