As per the recent announcement, Railway Minister has lifted the restrictions on issuing the short distance tickets for the Sleeper and Ac coaches of the long distance trains. Earlier, short distance passengers are not allowed to get the reservation in Mail and the Express trains for the longer distance routes.

Indian Railways is having long distance routes and short distance train routes. The users are now allowed to book the train tickets from anywhere to anywhere since it is computerised. The main reason behind this new announcement is, for the long distance trains a large number of berths are booked for the short travel. This leads in affecting the seat availability for the long distance travellers. To avoid this distance restriction, this new scheme has introduced.

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According to one of the Senior Railway Officer says “This would often force a passenger intending to travel to closer stations to book a ticket for a longer distance.”

According to the notice dated Jan 5,2017 this decision is applicable for only the reserved class, and the status Quo can prevail for the second class travel for preventing further over-crowding in the latter.


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