Facebook ends the conspiracy over listening users conversations

Facebook responded to some recent articles posted about listening to the people’s conversation and showing the relevant advertisements in their profile. Facebook stated that this is not true, and they show the ads based on the people’s interest and other profile information. Facebook has given a clarification that it doesn’t use the phone’s microphone to update the advertisement in your news feed or the ads.

Initially, Facebook has responded for the subject raised by a professor Kelli Burns, who works in mass communications from the University of South Florida.  She reported to one of the news website last week regarding that she thought that the company was secretly listening to the user conversations and displaying the ads according to it, and she doesn’t have the solid proof.

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Kelli Burns wasn’t the first person to mention about this. In fact, people have claimed Facebook on hearing the conversations secretly over years.  But with this recent articles roamed across the social media, the issue was highlighted for some time.  The primary thing is Facebook has the permission to access the phone’s microphone for using the mobile app features like capturing the video, etc.  Due to this reason, it is not correct to think that Facebook is listening to everything all the time. And Facebook all over listens to everything and displays the ads based on the conversations or the discussions done over the voice.

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Facebook doesn’t require listening to everything which you say every time, regardless of its supposed utility to advertisers. The users can turn off the access to the microphone by navigating to the settings panel. For the IOS users go to the settings options and look for the Facebook and Turnoff the “microphone” option. The Android users have to go to “Privacy and Safety” in the settings panel and disable the access permissions for the Application using the microphone.


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