Social network giant Facebook joined hands with advertising industry to fight against ad-blockers. The company is forcing ads on all its desktop users in spite of their ad-blockers. Facebook found a tool to block the ad blockers saying relevant ads can be useful. But the company provided an option to choose the types of ads user to see.

Ad blockers resist ads by not displaying page images and other elements which originated from a known ad server. Facebook found another way around and the website starts showing ads on the desktop site even if the ad blocker were installed. The mobile app of the Facebook remained same, which brings the bulk of advertising revenue to the company. It is expected that the new features are to be rolled out soon while some users may see it earlier, some may see sooner.

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In the recent quarterly filing, the company found ad-blocking software as a risk. These ad-blockers leave a negative impact on the revenue which generates by displays ads on the desktop version. These technologies result in the company’s bad financial results and may harm much more if this technology continues to grow. “Facebook is ad-supported. Ads are a part of the Facebook experience; they’re not a tack on,” said Andrew Bosworth, vice president of Facebook’s ads and business platform. “This isn’t motivated by inventory; it’s not an opportunity for Facebook from that perspective, we’re doing it more for the principle of the thing. We want to help lead the discussion on this.” He added.

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There has been a huge adoption of this ad-blocking software by users in the recent years. An estimate says nearly 26% of U.S Internet users now use ad blockers on the desktops. Facebook is planning to turn off ad-blockers for 1.7 billion monthly users with this move. But users prefer to access Facebook more on smartphones and tablets which are less exposed to ad blocking. It is observed 84% of the ad revenue of Facebook came from mobile. Still, the company claims loss of income as a result of ad blockers.


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