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Happy Father’s Day 2017: 18 Unique Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Father’s Day 2017 : “Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD!” So I feel proud of my dad as he is there for me guiding all my life in all tough situations. Very great dad deserves lots of love, attention and a small gift as a token of love. So, what have you planned for him on Father’s Day? I have already planned the day a way long back as I remember that third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father’s day. But if you are not done yet don’t worry, I have extraordinary last minute father’s day gift ideas to surprise your dad. So, thinking something beyond shoes, socks and ties we have listed out 18 unique Fathers day gift ideas here. Now, you are very lucky that father’s day online deals are available and most of the e-commerce sites ensure you to deliver the booked products within a less time before the big day ends.

Fathers day wallpaper

Well, let’s not waste the time. Check out the last minute father’s day gift ideas listed out here for every kind of dad. Is your dad a tech-savvy, how about gifting him a new Virtual reality headset or a smart watch? Hey! I have a better idea- you can relate your dad’s health with his interest towards new technology. Get him a fitness band which will definitely make him fall in love. We have many affordable fitness bands in the market.  Grab a best father’s day deals from your favorite site like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal or eBay. Here we have provided you the direct link to the best Father’s Day gift deals.  Most of the men love to put a cool perfume on regular work shirts so you can gift one for your handsome dad on this special day. Here we go with 15 other ideas:

  1. Goggles

The best gift you can get in less time for your dad on his day is Polarized goggles. The eyes that shed tears on seeing you in pain deserves care, so now select cool goggles that can protect your dad’s eyes. Well, I have a crazy idea for the party on this day; that is you can also try a handmade printed goggles wishing your dad a Happy Father’s Day. You can find these DIY crafts online which will help you to make such gifts for special occasions.


2. Photo book

This is the best gift you can give your dad and am sure this will leave your father in tears with love. Collect all the photographs of your dad and your family that will make him remember all the sweet memories from the past and try to put them together in a book. You can prepare this photo book at home or you can get it done online by giving all the selected pictures.

fathers day photo book

3. Full Day Outing

Plan a day out with your dad, take him to his favorite restaurant order the food which he likes go on a long ride, take him for a foot massage and spend time with him. This the best gift that every father would love. All he needs is you taking time for him out your busy schedules. So, grab a best trip deals from the nearest restaurants, spa packages and more.

outing with father

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug

Well, this may be the most common gift on father’s day, but still you can make if awesome. You can get a beautiful coffee mug printed with your dad’s photo or you can write heart touching lines for him. The best personalized coffee mugs are found on different ecommerce sites choose a good one here.

Personalized Coffee Mug

  1. Personalized phone case

If your dad loves his phone so much, you can get him a phone case. To add something catchy you can get customized phone case for his phone. This is the cheaper and best gift for father’s day. We have best sites which customize the phone cases, so choose a best photograph of your dad to get it printed on the phone case.

A Special Case that can transform iPhone into Android

fathers day case

  1. Office Chair

If your dad works for long hours at home sitting on an uncomfortable chair which he is been using for years, you can get him a new comfortable one. This may be costly idea but not a bad idea at all. So, check out the best furniture deals on internet and book a classy revolving chair for your dad.

office chair

  1. GPS Watch

GPS watch is the best gift if you want your dad to track his locations besides fitness during joking and gym time. GPS watches helps not only to track the location information it helps your dad to monitor his heart beat too. So, go with this idea and select a good GPS watch from the deals here.

Samsung’s Smartwatch With Skin Touch Projector On Your Hand

GPS watch

  1. Coffee maker

Wow Coffee! If a coffee can change your dad’s mood and if it is the first thing he looks as soon as he wakes up from his bed, get him one coffee maker. Coffee maker is also an affordable gift for your father. Most of the men like preparing their own coffee, if your dad is one among them, go with this idea.

coffee maker

  1. Leather Bag for Office

Is your dad still using the old office bag? How about getting him a new classy leather bag to carry his things to office? Yes, this is a great idea. You can order a brown or tan colored leather office bag for father’s day.

Leather Bag for Office

  1. Instant Mobile Printer

The Polaroid Digital Instant Mobile photo printer is the unique gift you can give your dad on this special day. This device is compatible to most of the phones. But before you order it, check out whether it is compatible with your dad’s phone.

Instant Mobile Printer

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Emirati Father offers Huge Dowry to Marry His Daughter Like No One: A Cup of Arabic Coffee and Dates

Emirati Father dowry to their daughter

The Emirati Father of six daughters who lives in Al Ain is all set for dowry, but only with Qahwa (a Cup of Arabic Coffee and Dates).

It seems that an Emirati father is going to change the trend since we hear some instances of dowry abuse.

The father of six daughters is ‘gifting’ the groom GOLD equivalent to the weight of his daughter.

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The Social media is like abuzz with the reports given to Gulf newspaper. The fathers in UAE believe that wedding costs are so unbearable that Emirati men are marrying non-Emirati women where the cost force make them do that.

Earlier in 2012, the UAE government offers Marriage Fund, which provides financial assistance to those who want to marry. The marriage fund is for those who blamed larger dowry rates for low marriage rates among Emirati women.

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The members of Federal National Council debated the issue to find out the way which they believe the critical demographic problem.

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