A Pacific white-sided dolphin gave birth to a new Dolphin calf at Chicago’s Shedd aquarium after three hours of Labor on Monday morning. The labor was started at 6.02CT and ended by 9.14 on 18th April. This incredible moment was captured on cameras for the first time. The birth from this species is never witnessed in the wild.

The beautiful creatures, Pacific white-sided Dolphins are known for black backs, gray sides and white bellies. And they are among the fastest swimmers in the ocean with speed of 25 miles per hour, mostly found in the North Pacific Ocean. It is has been captured live. The unnamed baby Dolphin along with its mom Katrl surfaced up for its first breath. As per the aquarium experts Katrl, 29 was mother for the first time and it is already proving its attentiveness towards her baby.

The Aquarium’s senior Director of Marine mammals, Lisa Takaki said in a statement that, “As soon as those little tail flukes appear, your heart begins to race.” And you know it’s only a matter of time before you are about to witness something incredibly amazing- added Lisa.

The birth of this tiny one was observed by 40 members and more, including animal care and veterinary teams. The calf’s first interactions with its mother and new home witnessed the mother’s love and protectiveness towards her new baby. Takaki said, Katrl was steering her calf away from the sides of the habitat and guided its position to conserve its energy reserves. The video will definitely leave you in tears of joy.

The little one is three feet long (36 inches) and weighs about 25 pounds, whose gender is not yet determined. The baby is taken to nursing where its name will be decided only after it learns to eat a whole fish.  The house of mom and baby will be temporarily closed for the visitors as round the clock both mom and baby are under observation.



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