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‘The Incredibles 2’ Hits a Year Before on 2018, ‘Toy Story 4’ is Pushed to June 2019

Two high-profile Pixar sequels ‘The Incredibles 2’ and ‘Toy Story 4’ has changed their release dates despite on the slated dates by Disney. The ‘The Incredibles 2’ will hit the theaters before a year than expected before in June 2018. Whereas the ‘Toy Story 4’ is pushed forward to June 2019 from the pre-planned scheduled year 2018, said Pixar on Wednesday.

Due to the accelerated production schedules for the Incredibles 2, the two movies had swapped the dates said the Disney insiders. Both the films have their dates entirely pre-occupied to themselves.

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Brad Bird, is the Director of the movie who won an Oscar for Direction. The Incredibles made its debut in the year 2004. The box office collection of the Incredibles is $633 million worldwide and won an Oscar for the category of best-animated feature. Bob Iger, the CEO of Walt Disney had announced the Incredibles 2 sequel in the year 2014, a decade after the film played on the screens. The Incredibles will premiere between the other sequels namely “Jurassic World” and “Transformers 6”.

John Lasseter and Josh Cooley were the directors of the movie Toy Story 4. The ‘Toy Story 4’ will strike the screens between the movies namely, “Transformers 7” and an untitled DC Comics Film.

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The mid of the June month has always been the favorite time for the release of the films by Pixar Movies. The Toy Story 3 made its release on June 18th, 2010, earning a record-breaking of $1.067 billion near the global box office. This animated movie had also become the first to join the Billion-dollar club without accounting Inflation.

Pixar shows more willingness to produce the sequels to its movies like ‘Cars,’ ‘Monsters’ and ‘Finding Dory.’ Disney studio tops the market share with its recent hits ‘The Jungle Book,’ ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War.’

Disney to Promote 300 new Mobile Games in India

9Apps is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group has announced that they have tied up with Disney to host and promote more than 300 mobile games from its gaming catalogue. Disney for the first time in India had partnered with India’s most third party market 9Apps to develop its popular games worldwide.  This will be good news for the game lovers by getting more games from Disney world.

The games that are going to showcase by 9Apps include Inside Out thought Bubbles, Toy Story: Smash it, Mickey Cup, Minnie Cake Factory, Lion King, Cricket World Cup Fever, Where’s My Water?, ABCD2, Arjun: Prince Bali and so many games.

“We are glad to see top players like Disney India choosing 9Apps as a medium to popularise their games. This is a positive indication that our capacity in providing customised promotion service has been recognised by both major stakeholders and the industry,” said Ebrahim Popat, Country Manager, 9Apps in a statement.

Huawei in Association with Disney, Marvel Introduces $100 Smartwatches for Kids

”9Apps is an association of choice to promote our rich catalogue of games and widen our consumer touch-points,” added Sameer Ganapathy, VP and Head, Interactive-Disney India.

The collaboration falls under 9Apps Top developer program with an aim to promote foster of the ecosystem for digital content developers to reach their target. Previously, 9Apps has developed a USD 20million InDev program to help Indian independent and start developers with specially designed solutions.

9Apps is a distribution platform for mobile applications of Alibaba mobile group business. It is also an International third party Android applications and games app. 9Apps allows the users to download apps and games without logging in.

Disney launches its social messaging app for kids

It was founded in the year 2013, and it covers the users from 100 emerging countries. By April 2016, more than 26 million daily app or games users and 250 million monthly users are active in 9Apps. Now the number increased to 800 million monthly users.

Huawei in Association with Disney, Marvel Introduces $100 Smartwatches for Kids

The Chinese largest electronics giant Huawei launched a new Smartwatch for children’s. Huawei has launched this Smartwatch collaborating with Disney, Marvel. This Smartwatch is not an upgrade to the Stylish Smartwatch which was released recently by Huawei. It is made to kids and also called as children Smartwatch.

The company is trying to emerge into wearables for kids which have a huge market in China. A recent ongoing event happened in China where Huawei has introduced their first kid’s Smartwatch which designed associating with characters of Disney and Marvel which you can clearly see the visuals with respective characters content.

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This children’s Smartwatches developed by Huawei with a theme of particular characters like Mickey, Minie, Frozen Four and Captain America for starters. Coming to the specifications of this wearable is compatible with any smartphones irrespective of the Operating System, such as Android and iOS.

This Smartwatch has 1.3-inch OLED display and support Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The parents can have access to control their kids watch and keep the track. This Smartwatch is GPS enabled, accelerometer, and another core set of sensors for the tracking purpose.

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This watch, fixed with 300 mAh battery which can give the standby up to 4 days and also provides with 1.5 days charge time.  This Smartwatch takes 2 hours for charging from zero to 100 percent which is a bit higher for 300 mAh capacity battery. It also has magnetic charging port which you need to get connected to the dock.

Huawei Smartwatch for kids also gives support for features like calling, positioning, and navigation to parent. This watch has another main feature SOS key where parents get notified when the kids need help.

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The watch weighs about 46 grams which are light in weight on the wrist of the child. This Smartwatch from Huawei is priced around $100. The company will sell this Smartwatch exclusively on the Vmall.com, the online retail website in China. The users who are interested can log in on the website at 18:00 today, China Time, to buy the Smartwatch for their kids.

Disney launches its social messaging app for kids

Disney has come up with a solution for all the parents who are fed up with the Parental Guidance apps. Kids these days are drenching in the digital world and are active in each medium of social connectivity. The main worry for a typical parent nowadays is, mobile phones overtook the purpose of communication and took control over child’s life.

Disney announced its version of social app ‘Disney Mix’ which enables to chat, play and share. This new social messaging app is safe and family-friendly for kids. A recent study estimates more than 90% of teens are spending about 7.5 hours a day on average to access Digital media. This app ensures parent a very safe and violation free chat when their kid is using the app. Entertainment giant, Disney developed an app very user-friendly, and it allowed access for children of “4+” age.

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Disney Mix assures a high-end privacy messages can be exchanged only when a user approved the request from that member. Users can have the option to follow official Disney accounts, which keeps them updated about new Disney channel content, movies, videos. Etc. Disney has taken special safeguard to prevent issues like online harassment to provide a neat chat app.

“You can only send messages to someone if you have both accepted a friend request. Disney Mix has filters in place to make chats safer. Inappropriate chat, language, and personal information will be blocked by these filters and you’ll see dashes instead of words when something is blocked,” Disney mentioned in a description.

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Violation of community guidelines can be reported quickly just by a tap on “whistle” icon in any chat window. The reported conversation will be sent to Disney’s moderator team and after a review, the violated user will be served a temporary or a permanent ban from the chat app. Apart from text messages, Disney Mix also allows parents and kids to play interactive games and share stickers.

Presently it doesn’t support photo and video sharing, and it is expected to be available in the next update. The developer made the app available on Android and iOS platforms.