Motorola releases a new Z series of smartphone challenging the iPhone and Samsung with its unique accessories. The module accessories in Moto Z smartphone will be one of the coolest features called Moto Mods. The peripherals will extend functionality to the phone along with style. The device works with the power of magnets which each mod is integrated with and securely attaches to the back of the phone.

Moto Z mods enhance the particular functionality for which it is assigned for, be it a battery backup, speaker or a projector. Motorola assures that the integrated magnets are strong enough to hold the mods tight and can also be swap one mod for another. The company has released 4 mods so far for Moto Z, and each one has is unique in its way.

Moto Style shells:

 These simple covers allow users to choose the finish at the time of ordering a Moto Z through Moto Maker. These style shells are available in a number of wooden types, nylon finish and different colors leathers and few more colorful plastic ones. However, Motorola hasn’t mentioned about the available colors but will me revealed in time.

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Hasselblad True Zoom:

Earlier before Moto Z, there were many rumors suggested a unique modular camera made by Hasselblad, as Motorola is better known for building an excellent quality of cameras.  With the recent launch, the rumors came to an end as it became real and named as the Hasselblad True Zoom. Unlike digital zoom on the phone, the mod offers 10x optical zoom without any quality loss. The mod also adjusts any settings like manual focus, f-stop, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and exposure.

JBL sound boost speaker:

Lenovo –owned Motorola paired with JBL to create the Sound boost Mod which is a stereo loudspeaker with two three-watt drivers. The mod is designed exclusively to amplify the phone’s sound and aims to replace portable speakers. JBL sound boost speaker has a built-in 1,000mAh battery for a better phone’s battery life.

Moto Insta-Share projector:

This can be considered as the most widely adopted mod with its pico projector attached to the phone. The mod can project a video or image measures up to 70-inches diagonally from any angle. The main defect is that the mod offers an only 480p resolution. It also sports a built-in loud speaker.

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Incipio off GRID Power Pack:

The power pack mods add a battery of 2,200mAh battery to the Moto Z, which almost doubles the inbuilt battery’s capacity. There are three different versions yet to confirm which includes offGRID version from Incipio, TUMI model, and Kate Spade model. The company also said that it’s working with a Mophie on a Power Pack and also mentions about the wireless charging for some of them.


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