Android has introduced the new feature with the name of instant tethering in Google play services. We use the mobile hotspot to access the internet, but it takes some time to tether manually. So Google has introduced this feature

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In this instant tethering, it is linked up with the devices which are connected to the Google account. It helps you to stay on online when your connection is lost. In case if you lost the internet connection, it will ask you to tether with another device. For this process, no additional setup is required. They use Bluetooth to negotiate the connection.  It will also show the battery level of another device

It works on a server side component and in Google play services 10.2 version. This feature will work on the devices running on Nougat 7.1.1 like Nexus, pixel. The Nexus 9 and Pixel C are only supported as clients. This user can connect to the compatible devices, and it also works on the marshmallow.

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Phones like Pixel XL will act as hotspot side, and these two phones can connect to each other with instant tethering. This feature is testing on more devices. There is server side component attached to this device, so you can’t see this features immediately after installing from new play services.


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