Online marketing retailer, Amazon India announced that it had opened seven new warehouses in a process to boost up their sales for the high-priced products. The company has set up Fulfilment Centres to cater larger appliances like Refrigerators, Televisions and Furniture. And the move started by Amazon also creates 1200 Job opportunities.

Amazon India has invested $5 billion in the Indian market and along with these the company also set up 33 new delivery stations to meet the demand of ordering by the users. Currently, Amazon has 34 warehouses across ten states which are far higher than its rival Flipkart. Apart from this, two Fulfilment Centres are already established in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

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The Amazon India Vice President, Akhil Saxena said, “We have set up a dedicated infrastructure of nine FCS and 33 exclusive delivery stations that will secure faster and reliable delivery of large appliances and furniture to more than 150 cities. Between the nine dedicated FCs and 33 distribution locations, about 1200 new job opportunities will be created. These will be a mix of temporary and on-roll jobs.”

In order to boost up the sales in the respective category, Amazon India introduced exchange schemes and also the no-cost EMI service. The e-commerce giant also planned to increase its product collection and is also ties up with new brands.

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According to the reports, by implementing new seven warehouses, the online retailer will deliver larger products and furniture in more than 150 cities. It also offers 2-days delivery next-day delivery option in 20 cities. Over the past year, the gross sales of large appliances have increased to 200 percent. In addition to introducing warehouses, Amazon India is also offering installation services for the large appliances.

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