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Drinking Red wine can decrease the short term effects of cigarette smoking

Drinking Red wine can decrease the short term effects of cigarette smoking

Drinking Red wine before smoking can reduce the short-term effects of cigarette smoking. This study has found by the German researchers of the University of Saarland.

We all heard about the health effects of cigarettes. It can lead to various health diseases like cellular aging, endothelial damage, systemic and vascular inflammation which causes the damage to the inner lining of blood vessels. It can reduce with drinking wine

Case Study

Their main abstract is consumption red wine in a moderate way is associated with few cardiovascular events. They have investigated “Really red wine decreases vascular effects of the cigarette smoking.”?

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Research methods

First, of they have taken 3 participants to smoke after drinking the red wine. After that Clinical chemistry, they check the blood counts, fluorescence-activated cell sorting for micro particles, immune magnetic separation of CD14+monocytes for gene expression analysis, and isolation of circulating mononuclear cells which measure telomerase activity immediately after smoking, and they also checked urine cotinine levels were quantified.

Research Results

The results they got in this research is leukocytosis level is P = .019, neutrophilia is P <.001, lymphopenia is P <.001, and eosinopenia is P = .008 after taking red wine and cigarette. Endothelial and platelets, monocyte and leukocyte has derived microparticles at the range of P <.001 in each segment. In monocytes, messenger RNA expression of interleukin level is -6 (2.6- ± 0.57-fold), tumor necrosis factor alpha level is (2.2- ± 0.62-fold), and IL-1b (2.3- ± 0.44-fold) it means they are controlled, as it was IL-6 (1.2 ± 0.12-fold) protein concentration in plasma. Smoking sharply prevents mononuclear cell telomerase activity. Markers of cellular aging, endothelial damage, and inflammation were totally attenuated by red wine consumption.

Internet and Smartphone’s Prompt the Healthy Life Style


Finally, in research, they found usually cigarette smoking causes vascular and systematic inflammation endothelial damage when compared to the nonsmokers. After immediate cigarette smoking, some changes will occur in the body which slowly causes cancer and other health diseases. After drinking red wine also we can find some quick changes in the body that type of reactions helps to decrease the effects caused by the smoking. They are not saying this process will eliminate health effects completely but somewhat better

Internet and Smartphone’s Prompt the Healthy Life Style

The Internet can be used in many ways these days. Both positively and negatively, but comparatively it has many positives shades. People can become more active physically, lose a little weight, eat better, and reduce the usage of alcohol and tobacco when they are guided by the mobile services or internet programs.

The research ‘224 studies,’ conducted on the healthy adults, were published between 1990-2013. It has evaluated the effects of using mobile phones, Internet, personal sensors or stand-alone computer software tools.

The participants who were involved in the Internet interventions has improved their diets, lost body weight/fat,  became more active, reduced the excessive usage of alcohol and tobacco.

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American Heat Association stated, “Use of Mobile Devices, Social Media, and Crowdsourcing as Digital Strategies to Improve Emergency Cardiovascular Care.”

According to 23 years of research of Open Access Journal of the American Heart Association, “People are more likely to adopt heart healthy behaviors when guided and encouraged via the Internet, their cell phones or other devices.”

Ashkan Afshin, M.D., M.P.H., Sc.D., the assistant professor and lead study author said, “Both Internet-based and mobile-based programs can help people become more physically active, eat better and achieve modest weight loss over 3-12 months.”

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Afshin also mentioned “Programs that have components such as goal-setting and self-monitoring and use multiple modes of communication with tailored messages tended to be more effective. We also found these programs were more effective if they included some interactions with healthcare providers.

Clinicians, in particular in primary care settings, can use such programs to help people improve their lifestyle behaviors and reduce the risk of chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”

Study Reveals “People Can’t Stay Without Touching their Smartphones for more than 44 seconds.”

“Our study highlights several important gaps in current evidence on Internet-and mobile-based interventions. We need to evaluate their long-term value, effectiveness in different populations (such as the elderly and people from developing countries) and how different strategies may increase adherence to the programs,” said Afshin.

Most of the studies lasted less than six months, proving the little information as the available research is limited.

Cyber Crime Rises by 350 Percent over Three Years in India: Study

Cyber crimes in India unfolded three times in the time span of 3 years. According to a study by PwC and Assocham, the number of cyber crime cases registered under the IT Act has observed a gain of 350 per cent in a period of 2011 to 2014. The study also cautioned about the rise in cyber attacks around the world with greater frequency and intensity.

Attacks have been mostly begun from the countries such as Turkey, U.S, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Algeria, Europe, Turkey, and UAE. Titled ‘Protecting Interconnected Systems in the Cyber Era,’ the study states that India has evolved as one of the most favorite countries listed among cyber criminals. And this is due to the rapid growth in adoption of Internet and smartphones in the country.

Government Is Taking Strict Action Against Cyber Crimes: Rajnath Singh

Attackers acquired control over the vital system such as nuclear plants, railways, transportation or hospitals that can subsequently lead to direct consequences such as water pollution or floods, power failures, disruption of transportation systems and loss of life. An increase of nearly 50 percent is observed in the occurrence of cyber crime incidents in the period of 2012 to 2015.

“The profile and motivation of cyber attackers are fast changing. A new breed of cyber criminals has now emerged, whose main aim is not just financial gains but also causing disruption and chaos to businesses in particular and the nation at large,” the study pointed out.

INDIA ranked #3 in Cyber threats globally

The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) has been identified as the nodal agency under the National Technical Research Organisation for the protection of critical information infrastructure.

Internet Connectivity Is The Top Concern of Indians While Travelling: Study Reveals

The Norwegian software company, Opera in association with an Indian lifespan accommodation company, Wudstay conducted a travel survey in India. The results of the survey revealed that the biggest fear of Indians is losing the internet connectivity while moving. Above 34.5 percent of the respondents are concerned about the lack of mobile network while around 6.9 percent of people involved were worried about the high roaming charges.

“Technology drives the experience of the modern traveler. Be it making mobile bookings, sharing updates on social media or exploring a new city, WudStay believes in offering the best services to its consumers, and this survey has helped us identify what is essential for our customers. We are extremely excited to share these interesting insights”, stated Prafulla Mathur, Founder and CEO at WudStay.

“As one can see from the findings, internet connectivity is an important prerequisite for travellers. People prefer being connected to the internet in order to share updates when on the move,” stated Mr Sunil Kamath, Vice President, South Asia and Southeast Asia at Opera.

Study Says: Millennials Use Mobile Phones To Ignore People During Holiday Trips

The survey is conducted to understand the mindset of Indians while travelling or when they are on a vacation in a foreign place. And the stunning results revealed that most of the travellers are feared about mobile connectivity and 7.8% of respondents are concerned about losing their handsets. The survey also showed that 32.8 percent of the Indians involved use mobile data for social media posts while only 28.4 percent use the data for information regarding places to visit in a trip.

And around 16.4 percent of respondents use their internet service to stay connected with family and friends, while 17.2 percent of Indians spend mobile data using GPS. The results also include that about 13.8 percent people are willing to travel without food for a whole day for a better internet connection and 33.6 percent are ready to quit the habit of driving for an evening while moving for good internet connection. And the other weird result is, 28.4 % do not use a restroom for 6 hours to have a good data connection.

Surprisingly above 30 percent of all the respondents fear of overspending at expensive hotels, eating at overpriced restaurants and taking taxis whereas 10 percent fear theft. As the mobile cams are becoming more captivated, people of all age groups love taking lovely snaps with their smartphones, while 9.5% fear taking bad photos.

A New Study Reports: Plants Make Some Smart Decisions than Humans

Few other interesting findings of the survey are 50 percent of the men prefer to go on vacation with their guy friends instead of their family. Though women are more home-oriented 76 percent prefer travelling with families. On an average 37 % of people love to travel with family.

Finally, 37.8 percent Indians dislike the habit of making the place untidy while travelling. Around 13.8 percent hate people who booze too much on flights. And 10.3% hate people who break the queues and forcefully enter in, and more than 22 percent hate the people especially women in skimpy clothes.

Study Says: Millennials Use Mobile Phones To Ignore People During Holiday Trips

A new study reveals that Millennials use their mobile phones to avoid conversations during a holiday get-together.Yes, what you read is exactly correct.According to the survey, smartphones are more friendly and helpful than people around us.

According to the Bank of America’s Trends In Consumer Mobility Report, a study that explored mobile behaviours and trends among adults consumers around the country - around 40 percent of the millennials use phones to ignore people during a vacation.

Study Reveals “People Can’t Stay Without Touching their Smartphones for more than 44 seconds.”

Most of us think that the future generation is just addicted to their mobile gadgets, but NO! Very interestingly they use their devices to move away from you and enjoy their individuality. Most of the unwanted conversations from the friends or someone around are cleverly ignored with the use of mobile devices. So, now decide yourself whether to pity or admire these geniuses.

The research was carried out on 1,004 American adults between March 29 and April 12. And the result of the survey says that 25 percent of the surveyed adults accepted that they use phones to avoid people. The survey also revealed many facts like sixty-six percent of the Americans depend entirely on their electronic gadgets, especially mobiles for directions. And 53 percent of them say that they trust their devices for directions more than their loved ones.

Lumigon T3 World’s First Night Vision Camera Smartphone with Ultra Stylish Iconic Design  

Young-people is sick of selfies!! Isn’t it? Not exactly true, as ninety-three percent of the millennials, admit that they take selfies, but so did fifty percent of the seniors, 61 percent of the baby boomers too. So, this clearly says that these little devices rule and they can be a definite replacement for both family and friends.

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