millenials use mobiles during vacations

A new study reveals that Millennials use their mobile phones to avoid conversations during a holiday get-together.Yes, what you read is exactly correct.According to the survey, smartphones are more friendly and helpful than people around us.

According to the Bank of America’s Trends In Consumer Mobility Report, a study that explored mobile behaviours and trends among adults consumers around the country – around 40 percent of the millennials use phones to ignore people during a vacation.

Study Reveals “People Can’t Stay Without Touching their Smartphones for more than 44 seconds.”

Most of us think that the future generation is just addicted to their mobile gadgets, but NO! Very interestingly they use their devices to move away from you and enjoy their individuality. Most of the unwanted conversations from the friends or someone around are cleverly ignored with the use of mobile devices. So, now decide yourself whether to pity or admire these geniuses.

The research was carried out on 1,004 American adults between March 29 and April 12. And the result of the survey says that 25 percent of the surveyed adults accepted that they use phones to avoid people. The survey also revealed many facts like sixty-six percent of the Americans depend entirely on their electronic gadgets, especially mobiles for directions. And 53 percent of them say that they trust their devices for directions more than their loved ones.

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Young-people is sick of selfies!! Isn’t it? Not exactly true, as ninety-three percent of the millennials, admit that they take selfies, but so did fifty percent of the seniors, 61 percent of the baby boomers too. So, this clearly says that these little devices rule and they can be a definite replacement for both family and friends.


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